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Aquatics Survey Comments Written on Forms
Survey Conducted July 2000
Compiled by CRPR

Pools could be built on the Westerly Parkway property behind the shopping center or South of Waupelani. Another site is next to Damon's, on PSU property. This land was offered to COG before by PSU and it was turned down!
We are happy with the current seasonal pass fee you offer presently. The staff are usually very friendly and helpful to my younger children.
I would strongly suggest the CRPR incorporate use of the Penn State Aquatics Facilities - (Summer PSU programs are geared toward low student attendance). Area programs would prove profitable for PSU and not force the Centre County population to build an additional facility. Options 4 & 5.
I felt as if the rate questions wouldn't apply because we buy a family pass to the Bellefonte pool. If there were a facility we liked here - we would buy a summer pass to it. Rather than more indoor "classes" - I would take advantage of indoor adult lap swim hours: early morning and late evening.
Your survey assumes familiarity with the current facilities. I swim everyday, but I don't know where the CRPR pools are or what they offer.
Funds for building a 3rd pool either indoor or outdoor should not be raised via increasing user fees. This only makes all the pools unaffordable for many people. I also feel the fee/child for swim team and pool pass should be combined and discounted. $70 per child is exorbitant. 4b. For single visits, swim team and pool pass should be discounted if joining both!
I think the highest priority should be aimed at reducing crowds - the reason we don't currently use the pool much Option 3: wouldn't go
Option 5: It would be helpful to pro-rate price. i.e. after 3:00 PM price drops; sometimes we don't swim because it's not worth paying the full price for an hour or two
Cost of swimming has kept me out of pools for years
In my opinion, the Welch pool should be tripled in size at its present location. Easy access. A real asset to that area. Safe walking distance and bus facilities by CATA would be a real convenience. Right now it's a landmark to those of us who have had the pleasure of taking our children there in their school/college years.
I lap swim at the PSU Natatorium, about 30 minutes, usually 5 days/week, and occasionally visit the outdoor pool on weekends. I doubt that CRPR can compete with quality and cost of the natatorium. None offer me a better swim than I get at the PSU Natatorium. I would not pay more for any option than I pay there, except on rare exceptions.
I'd use the pools more often if there was a half day price since I'd never use one for a whole day anyway...Sr. Cit. Price is neat, too.
I am not a "pool person," but am impressed by the pool area at the Penn State Conference Center. It has a more open and "airy" feeling than most pools and not as humid and chlorine smelling as most pools. It is nice that they allow us time for "senior water exercise" and the hours of 3:30 to 4:30 are good. Could it be available four days a week to allow for a second session (on Mon. and Wed.), thus less of a crunch for acceptance into these classes?
My family uses the Welch Pool. It is only crowded on hot days. The only inconvenience we have had on crowded conditions is parking. The fees you charge yearly are very reasonable. We moved here 2 years ago from South Jersey and we were paying a little more than double the fees yearly. Also if we took guests with us it was $5.00 a person. Also, for the size of our community , I think we have many choices in what pool to use. As a community we are very fortunate in what is offered. My children vote for a Water Park.
Providing healthy summertime activities for young people is in the best interests of the community at large. Both fees and municipal support should be used to insure that all members of the community may participate. A water playground/park seems an unnecessary complication and maintenance expense. Unless full service food concessions provided additional revenue for the pool, they too are a needless complication. On the face of it, partnering seems like a good idea. The YMCA aquatics programs are currently at a great disadvantage due to lack of facilities. However, I must disagree with the concept based on the differing missions of the 2 organizations. CRPR has, throughout my 20 years association with them, provided very high quality aquatic programs at very low cost resulting in swimming competency and pleasure for any and all of the community. YMCA programs, over those same years, have improved but also have become more exclusive and costly in their effort to compete nationally. I believe that both attitudes need expression and I WOULD NOT wish to see either organization change character in a merge. I WOULD wish to have CRPR expand on its current mission as best as it can, hopefully with the municipal tax help that it deserves and has earned.
CATA bus service from Harris Township to Welsh Pool area would help.
No need for pool now. Grandchildren soon. Pools are an asset to the community.
Should be a commercial undertaking - not town funded.
If and when I swim, I primarily utilize the Penn State pools. Question 13 therefore does not pertain. As a member of the YMCA, I would not want to see the membership fees affected by a joint effort with the YMCA to install a pool. Unless, the member specifically chooses pool privileges.
Agree that a fee system needed. Since we do not use, could not comment but we know that public pool facilities needed.
I seldom use CRPR aquatic facilities. They cannot compare with facilities in Wisconsin where I lived previously. The current cost is higher here as well. I'd like to see a combination of funding - user fees and tax support. Has CRPR looked into two fees - could it adapt? Not that it will help the crowding or deteriorating facilities. Both pools are SO far from College Twp. - parking can be a problem. I find I'd prefer to drive to Bald Eagle Lake than bother with the pools.
The two major reasons our family doesn't swim more are 1. Lack of hours able to attend for the price of admission. There are groups of poorly supervised kids at the pools till about 3 or 4 PM each day. I don't want to have my family swimming when they are there. But to go before or after they arrive doesn't make sense either because it takes us 15+ minutes to get to each pool. 2. The pools are too far away - we live near the mall. Don't suggest Family evening swims because the pools close too early! I grew up at a large public pool that was open from 9AM till 9PM every day with 3 spring boards ( I learned to do a 2 ½). This pool was open from the first warm day in Spring until Indian Summer in OCTOBER. Why isn't some of this available in State College?
When our children were growing up we used the pool more. Seemed adequate then, but the population has changed. I'd rather see adequate pools with prices so ALL children could use them rather than put money towards razzle-dazzle water parks. Just plain swimming should be enough.
Offer more classes PLEASE! The last 3 times we applied for classes for our children we were neglected. It gets a little frustrating for both parent and child!!!
We belong to SPRA. Our kids will sometimes go to PSU Natatorium. As an adult I would love to see more aquatic classes than YMCA or Athletic Club offer.
Quality of instruction of aquasize was very good but sharing facility at high school wasn't. Our class was moved from one section of pool to accommodate other programs. Also times of classes are restricted because so many classes are offered. Have a drop off box somewhere at curbside.
An indoor/outdoor pool facility would be an ideal addition to this area. Combined with the YMCA is a good idea. I feel it should be supported both by the public and municipal tax dollars to keep the cost reasonable. That way all of Centre County could enjoy and benefit from it, regardless of level of income.
I would love a new pool to relieve the crowding. The extra people will keep the fees reasonable. I know a lot of people who do not have memberships because of the crowds. Expanding hours would also help. This summer has been cool but most summers are hot by 10 AM. I know when my children were younger, I hated the 1 PM opening which coincided with nap time. Earlier openings might shift the crowd numbers. A wave pool or water playground is a nice idea but too expensive if you have to pay on a daily basis, will not relieve the crowding. If it is somehow included in a membership - maybe. If the indoor pool option is used - a membership is also the best way. With 3 kids daily options are way too expensive. Also one last thing - Friday night swims might be taken advantage of more on Saturday afternoon or Sunday night when everyone is not too pooped from working all week.
We relocated to State College at the end of August 1999. We did not use the CRPR pools in 1999. We believe that public tax money should be used to build aquatic facilities, but operations and maintenance should be paid by the users.
Family swim night at the high school natatorium should be year round. This gives working parents (those with full time jobs) a chance to swim with their children. The outdoor pools are used mostly by families with one spouse who works part time or stays at home all the time. These individuals have more flexibility to use public pools. While I think a community/public indoor/outdoor pool that was open year round would be ideal and something these are needs, I do not want to subsidize the building with tax payers money by increasing taxes. Reason 1 all taxpayers will not use the pool equally. 2 taxes are already outrageous in this area. I'm not certain if money is currently used as efficiently as possible.
Neither I nor my wife use any community swimming facilities and it wouldn't matter to us how many or how nice they were. - I therefore did not answer questions 11, 12, 13, or 14.
Note: My answers have been based per my immediate household, but my answers would have been much different if I were still rearing a family. I think a reasonably priced aquatic program is very important to our community and it must be noted that all homes do not have two professional salaries. In other words it must be affordable for all.
More flexibility with toddler lessons (weekends, evenings) would be nice.
Currently, I am participating in a water aerobics program at PSU, however, if more were offered through CRPR and the Y, I would consider those programs.
Option 2,3,4.
My son swims for Welch and from that start, now swims year round competitively, and wants to swim in college. I think swimming is a fantastic opportunity that should be available to as many children and adults as possible. For family swimming we joined SPRA, because of the crowded conditions at Welch. What I especially like at SPRA is the lap lane that is always available for lap swimming. My son now swims competitively with the Penn State Aquatics program. He previously swam with SCAY. One of the reasons he switched was because of inadequate practice space with the Y program.
I would love to have my family take instructional swim lessons but I cannot afford membership and cost of class. There are also many other classes offered that we would like to participate in but AGAIN cost is the issue.
Need an indoor pool. Need small swimming classes. Need mature, sensitive instructors, that are knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
Many times we would like to go swimming, but have to drive into town - we're more apt to drive to Whipple's or Greenwood Furnace because there's no fee. A pool in the Ferguson area would be nice (I had heard at one point that one would be constructed at Fairbrook Park.) When we do go to the public pool, it is fairly costly, particularly when we take guests - our family of 5 + extra family of 4 = $27.00 to swim for several hours.
We have lived in the area for very short time (1 year). If we had kids, all responses would be different. I don't know what the current facilities offer. I would be interested in a pool if there were lanes designated for lap swims at hours that are convenient to a work schedule (early morning/evening), and if there was a good diving area. I would also be interested in a pool for "open swim" if it had a separate wading pool for the tots (huge concern) and if there were diving boards.
I have not visited any pools in the area but I plan on doing so as my family grows. We do support the S.C. YMCA.
I believe it's time we got something in Pine Grove Mills. Then I'd take my grandchildren. We never get any thing for children in this area. We pay taxes too!
I think you have a fine program and should improve facilities as usage might require. I am really not qualified to answer this survey.
I am very much concerned with the spread of social diseases, and would not use a public pool if I did swim.
Instead of increased fee/visit; fund raisers would be better. Families with many children will not be able to afford the costs of higher fees.
I'm hopeful we'll have 1. An indoor pool, 2. With a "seniors" time slot preferably daily, 3. At a reasonable price ($3). Tyrone High School offers the above at $2 but it's 20 miles away.
During swimming lessons, could you allow parents with toddlers up to three years old play in the kiddie pool while their siblings are taking classes? Parents would be responsible to watch the toddlers and this would bless those parents who have to chase toddlers around or confine them to strollers during these times. Older waiting siblings would not be allowed in and we would understand no lifeguards would be available. They usually aren't responsible for the kiddie pool anyway. Thank you for considering this. The price of admission is too high.
As a young couple just starting a family, I feel Centre Community needs to add facilities for young children (toddlers, preschool, and kindergarten age). The 2 area pools are lacking in facilities for these age groups. A water playground would a huge bonus to either of the pools or in any new pool that would be added to the community. Thank you!
Pools are way overcrowded and not enough facilities for younger children.
I attend water aerobics classes at the high school and Park Forest (in the summer). I prefer deep water aerobic classes and I prefer weekly variety in the classes.
Reduced fees are needed for low income families. How about evening swims - one evening for adults only, another for families, perhaps another for teens.
We have always used Welch Pool, Until recently we bought the family pass that was offered early with a discount. One thing that upsets us is the overcrowding when the YMCA brings ALL of their camps to the pool. We haven't been to the pool this year to see if this is still a problem, but you can't enjoy it with all the children. Perhaps they could bring different groups on different days to lessen the crowding or only stay a shorter period of time. Last year you made the adult swim age lower to let more teenagers in - this was a good thing. At least during that 10 or 15 minutes someone was using the pool. Also, when there are larger numbers of children you don't have adequate life saving staff. And no - the YMCA faculty do not always watch the children. I'm not sure if building a new pool will solve all of the problems. It will create a whole new batch of problems. Most people would want to use the new facility and the existing two pools could fall into disrepair due to lack of use.
Aquatics in our community should be available to all at a reasonable price and the community should support the added facility - if needed.
Longer evening hours (till 9 or 10 PM) A pool built for Harris township and Pine Grove Mills, Centre Hall areas
Our children are grown and we do not swim. The combination of various pools met the needs.
User fees should be used for operation of facilities. However, construction and MAJOR maintenance could use municipal tax support.
Because we have a large family price does play a part in what activities are worth a higher price, we just would not be able to participate.
I would like to see another package price (reduced price) for people who are unable to go every day and benefit from a season pass but also go more frequently than the discount offered by a 10 day pass. Thank you.
It would be great to have a larger water "park" in our area. I think most people would be willing to pay comparable prices to Bland Park, etc.
From my experience in visiting other communities I would say our fees are already high for pool use. I think that tax dollars should help support improvements in addition to use fees.
Wish to see other options as available for kids. Swimming is not first preference. Enjoy skateboards, roller blades, and biking.
Next to Mount Nittany Middle School which would also provide Junior High kids the opportunity to incorporate swim and competition into their curriculum.
If a new pool is to be built, please don't let the "site of the pool" become as ridiculous as the "library site" or years of enjoyment will be missed out on. Good Luck!
Best of luck. Hope it doesn't cost too much time and money to create and evaluate this survey.
Based on your options the last one sounds the most appropriate. Not knowing all the demography, it sounds like there is overcrowding and that there is a demand for year round indoor use. We are not that familiar with pool use. Our children are mostly grown and did use the pool some years ago. Neither of us uses the pools now. Sorry we can't be of more help.
Disinfectant additive (chlorine-like) is much less irritating and smelly at Athletic Club. The standards for instructional levels for swimming programs are erratic. My son has had to remain 2-3 times in level 4, but the instructors' comments varied too widely to generalize about and understand to expected standards. For example, last year he passed everything of the lessons except standing dive and was said to have insignificant stamina for distance swimming. Hence he failed. This year both the above were acceptable but his strokes, kicks, and breathing were said to have been inadequate! He did not deteriorate in these areas from the previous year?! You need to coordinate these standards and make them more uniform. NOTE: Supervisors were very agreeable and helpful in both instances (PF and HSN). The individual instructors were not all helpful and/or equally friendly with my son and myself. I would like free admission granted to supervisory (and non-swimming) parents/sitters, etc. I am unable to expose myself to the sun at peak hours. I would love to be able to come sit in the shaded areas and watch my children.
My daughter was hurt because Welch Pool was too crowded. I won't go there because of that!
I think we could use a "water park" and an ideal place would be Tussey Mountain.
If the Y and CRPR could make something work it would be wonderful. Swimming is a lifetime sport and expensive. Good luck.
I am in favor of ample swimming pool facilities at reasonable costs.
My children are grown and away from home. We do not use the pools. I have enjoyed taking water aerobics classes in the past, but only morning classes fit my schedule.
I think our facilities are more than adequate, an additional indoor facility would be nice. More than $3 a day for a child under 17 is too much to pay.
The adult swim (15 minutes) each hour considering few adults take advantage of it. Opening it to youth (or kids) who want to do some lap swimming might make use of the time better. Life guards are constantly blowing the whistle at kids coming up or down the ramp at Welch. It's a real bottle neck there that takes up too much of their attention. Little kids maybe need a place to hang onto something, and they aren't getting hurt there - but it is a place that needs to be kept clear, I realize.
This community desperately needs at least 1 indoor pool. Tax dollars should support it since it is a community enhancing opportunity that adds to the life long health of all who use it. I believe many more people would use a public pool year round if conditions of overcrowding and limited hours of use were eliminated. I also think there is no good reason to choose either/or options. Certainly this community could afford an indoor pool and a water park.
We love family swim - maybe extend to 7:30 or 8:00.
This again would increase the property owners taxes, I assume. If you find a private concern to donate services than upgrading the already existing pools would be my choice. Why does this community need a new pool when there is access to the Nat on campus, the YMCA, high school Nat, Welch Pool, and Park Forest. Stay out of our pockets - they are only so deep.
I feel the current pools should be maintained. People who use the pools should cover all costs not the tax payer. No new outdoor/indoor pool should be built.
Our responses indicate the very few times we have used ANY pool facilities offered in the region. On the two occasions we have given lessons to our older son (7) the course instructors changed at least 2 times (1998) and 4 times in 1999 during the 6 week offering. We can understand the necessity of a "sub" on occasion particularly during the vacationing Summer months, however, we find the experiences we've been through TOTALLY unacceptable. Last year's last instructor didn't even know the children's names and handed my son (and obviously at least one other child) an evaluation card with the WRONG NAME ON IT. We were offered a "CREDIT" which we've been unable to use. Please be clear that the ability and competence of the instructors is not the issue here. We simply feel continuity of instructors, particularly with the very young, is VERY IMPORTANT.
I would pay more to support more pools or water parks.
Pools need to open earlier
I don't feel the public should be asked to pay for more pools. Users should pay for it.
Some years ago I regularly used an indoor pool for an aquatic program because I contracted a fungus infection and tried to go back several times after the infection cleared only to become infected each time.
Our family enjoys the pools. If we did not have the Summer pass option at a reasonable cost we would not go to the pools but rather private pools for which we are members. (We frequent two other private pools - one outdoor, one year-round). I feel the costs should be paid for by users but the community should help some through tax dollars.
The water park idea is really appealing - but just to have a few new options at the current pools. I think a large water park might be best for a business (for-profit) to develop.
I am now a "senior citizen" and one member household - but my children and I have used the CRPR pools since they were built. -A trip to the Park Forest Pool was an every day occurrence. The children from 1-3 and then one of us @ family hour. - My one daughter was on an early swim team - The Park Forest Pool was/is within walking distance of home - We were happy to have a pool close by - I do like having family and senior ticket prices.
I love the CRPR water aerobics classes - great times, locations, and instructors
While I do not personally use the aquatics facilities, my children did in years past. My biggest concern is that fees do not go so high that it becomes prohibitive for low-income/ dis-advantaged families
I think a water park would be the best idea for State College, with a wave pool and rides for young children and adults. It would make a lot of money and people wouldn't have to travel to Altoona. Please just put enough parking.
Enhancing aquatic services in this and any community is important. All individuals can benefit from public aquatic services; from bettering their health through aquatic exercise, or having their life saved by someone who had the opportunity to learn aquatic life-guarding. The bottom line: everyone benefits from aquatic services, and no one should be denied that benefit because they cannot afford it.
We prefer indoor pools which we use largely in the Fall and Winter.
State College has enough money in taxes - that they can use towards improving anything.
Larger shallow area for non-swimmers, opens too late, these are getting expensive to pay for children and adult supervisor
I think season passes are high enough this year for all families, seniors, etc.
If the YMCA builds their own pool this would help the overcrowding due to Y camp at Welch. It also would allow more pool time at the indoor pools since the Y team would be practicing at their own pool. If that happened we MAY not need additional facilities. I ranked option 2 last only because I don't believe we need a private enterprise. But I DO think Park Forest needs a slide! On my wish list would be an outdoor 50 meter pool (If we had money to burn).
Although a new pool would be great, an entrance fee of $5 per person would be difficult to many of your current patrons.
One of the BEST things about State College is their community pools. I have lived elsewhere and have never had the opportunities like here regarding pools. Thank you! We also support the swim teams and think they are a wonderful opportunity! THANK YOU
We moved here from Colorado and they have some of the nicest Recreation Centers imaginable. They are all public and combine weights, gym with indoor/outdoor pool. Our favorite was the Lafayette Rec Center which had a lap pool, giant slide, floating inner tube current pool, and a water area that had a waterfall. 2 small slides current area, bubble area, and umbrella all from 2 inches to 4 feet deep. It cost $2 per visit to use the pool. You should really look into it. 303.665.0469 Lafayette, Colorado Bob L. Burger Recreation Center
I am disappointed that P & R has instituted a "user's" fee for parents/sitters/resp. adults who wish to be with their child or charge - but do not swim. It seems this practice has eliminated the number of adults willing to remain at the pool with their child and has added babysitting responsibilities to the lifeguards. If you want safe pools and supervised children (aka safe children) - then don't eliminate individuals who are willing to be present at a time in our history that parents think "drop-offs" are supervision. Thanks
The factors which limit my family's pool use are: the water temperature (for me), having to wear sunscreen (for my kids), and having a child who must be accompanied by an adult in the pool. My son LOVES the waterslide. He also enjoyed Park Forest Pool as a part of CRPR camps. Science Park pool gets many members because they know they will run into friends there, whereas this is not so common an experience at the public pools. I, however, support public pools. And the cost of Science Park membership is significantly greater than a set of pool passes. I would like more public group swimming lessons - those at the high school pool are hard to get into, and during the school year they interrupt the dinner hour twice a week. This is difficult scheduling for small children. My older child would MUCH prefer a group lesson to our current private lessons, but with a 2nd child at a different level (who got wait-listed too many times) the scheduling and hassle are prohibitive.
Social activities? Organized water games for the kids - something in between a meet and a free swim - also - having the competitive swimmer swim dates in the day.
I didn't go to the pool in 1999 because my son was an infant. Now we go several times per week when we are in town. Though I wouldn't be willing to pay more than $3 per day for any of the aquatic improvement proposals, I would be willing to pay more for the season pass. $50-$75 depending on the improvements that were implemented.
The pools are nice - they just need to be enhanced. Snack bar is #1 on my list.
Parents observing children while they swim should not be charged admission. You're making your guards' job harder.
I, and a few others I know, use the pools all day. How about ½ day (evening) fee structure?
We need more shade at the pools. We think the swim lessons for kids are great and great price, but there is too much pressure to drive into town and drop off the form the day the forms come out in the paper. Any time I used another option, my child did not get into the class. I think taxpayer $ should go towards swimming facilities (pools & lessons) rather than water park facilities.
Please don't spoil Park Forest's beautiful setting by covering it!
Landscaping around the Park Forest Pool could be better.
Thanks to all your staff & their dedication to our children!
Daycare overwhelms the pools in the early afternoon.
Please don't put a waterslide at Park Forest - it will turn it into a hang-out for teenagers like Welch and make it much less enjoyable for young kids and their parents. Good luck - thanks for trying. More swim classes would be great!!!
I would appreciate a better registration system. For example: this spring, 2 of my children were in swim lessons, levels 1& 3 respectively. The summer schedule book came out prior to the completion of their classes - I wanted to sign them up for summer classes yet did not know how they would do in their current class. They both got an incomplete in their levels but by the time I got this info - registration had already begun for the summer classes @ the end of July. Also, in the past, I have dropped off my registration @ the Fraser St office on a Sunday morning (right after the booklet came out) but still my child did not get into a class w/ six openings. Depending on how the envelopes are removed from the pile - I could have been on the top, or bottom. There should be a fairer system. (Sorry, not sure what that should be!)
CRPR needs to add a few more swimming lessons. The class size is usually great. The instructors have been wonderful, I love them...if my child is lucky enough to get into a class. This occurs mostly in the winter months.
I think a waterpark with slides & activities would be wonderful for families (We visited one @ a YMCA in Charlotte, NC. They charged $5/person per day for guests of members.) The liability would also be reduced as there are no diving boards.
Raise the annual fees by about 50% & then do the best you can with the current facilities. e.g. water above 80 degrees at all times - more evening swims - etc. Thanks
I disagree charging non-swimmers admission fee to come & watch their children. Would you prefer most parents dropping kids off so that we will be supervising them & liable for the hurt children?
I believe that the guards at the pools could 1. Have more control over the crowds - be less tolerant of splashing, lg. flotation devices & rowdy adolescents. I believe this would reduce the feeling of the pool being crowded. 2. Could do a better job of keeping the pool & pool area clean. The sides of the pool need a good scrubbing. With regards to both these comments I have noticed an improvement in the last year but I think they could do even better.
Keep water warmer
This year(2000) there seems to be a much larger number of daycares, etc. using the pool ALL afternoon. The pool is overcrowded and supervision for these children appears to be inadequate. Grandparents who are visiting and FULLY clothed should not have to pay to watch their grandkids in the pool. I am also concerned that requiring adults to pay an entrance fee who are only observing encourages parents to drop their children off at the pool and not stay and supervise them. This only creates a greater number of unsupervised children at the pool. You should be encouraging parents to stay & supervise their children not discouraging them. Many parents do not intend to swim but would stay and supervise.
Welch Pool - Girls are rude & play obnoxious music over the speakers
For our needs, current facilities are adequate IF properly maintained. Also, for our needs, the fee structure is inadequate. My kids prefer to swim for any hour, then are done. If I take must my own, that's $9.00 for 1 hour. I am willing to structure my schedule to come later if the fee would be less. We often come to the pool at 4:00pm - why not charge ½ price after 3:45pm? AND/OR charge less for kids than adults. Say, $2.00/kid $3.00/adult. We bought passes - due to cold weather, have used them once. We will not buy passes again.
I believe better response to problems is necessary at CRPR pools. Welch is not supervised well - especially the baby pool & rules of conduct & age appropriateness for use of baby pools is not enforced. More swim evenings in the winter months at indoor pools at reasonable fees. Too much $ is charged for children's admissions in winter.
Determine order for filling classes, in person gets sooner than mail rec'd 1-2 weeks prior to deadline!
I wasn't aware Park Forest was part of the CRPR pass.
I'll prefer to pay a monthly fee for the family all year round. Paying every visit makes it more expensive and adults who don't swim also have to pay.
Welch swim team is WAY too crowded. Need to be able to offer evening swim team practices as well as day time.
We need an indoor/outdoor public pool. In winter, the Friday night swims are crowded. Few private options. In summer, Welch Pool is packed 1-5 pm. Need larger shallow end since many kids not good swimmers plus adults. Welch great for groups of youths but need larger space so little & big kids & teens don't clash. Need better info source for updates. This cool summer has been disappointing & we haven't received full value of passes so buying passes is risky. Therefore, use fee only is burdensome. Pool facilities do benefit everyone - keeps youth occupied and off streets, promotes family time, promotes healthy youth time when supervised. Willing to pay 40% if third indoor/outdoor pool. Only 10% for water playground. 0% for shade/picnic.
I buy a senior-citizen season pass. This is a genuine bargain and something I can afford. I have no opinion on any of the above. I would not be involved in any of them And it would be a sad day for me if I lost my "bargain."
Generally, we have been pleased with the aquatics program. We, personally , haven't had problems, but friends of ours have had serious problems with the swimming lesson classes. I was told about three different incidences in which the instructors and lifeguards missed seeing a near-drowning child during a lesson. In each case, a parent of adult other than the people who should be watching saved the child. All incidences were at the High School Natatorium. As a parent, I will attend all lessons with my child and not hesitate to interrupt if I feel that she is in danger. For your program, your instructors should be more aware of how quickly their students can flounder. The lifeguards should realized that they must be an extra pair of eyes & NOT an ornament.
I would like to have a pool which shelves gradually deeper, making it possible for small children to play safely without the aid of flotation devices, but in the same area as older, more confident swimmers. As I have live in Australia, where there are excellent pools, I know this is a possibility, and also makes trips to the pool with small children far less stressful & more enjoyable. I'm frustrated by the difficulty of getting my kids into swimming classes - both the registration method and the wait listing.
We buy pool passes for the summer. If passes were not available, we would not swim because $3.00 a day for a family of 4 is too expensive to do on a regular basis.
We wish there were a season pass for either parent to use. One of us must go with our children to the pool, but we don't both want season passes. Also, we don't think an adult not swimming should have to pay.
I have always purchased a family membership for the summer because with 4 children, a daily fee of $3 per day per child(as well as myself and/or my husband) adds up much too quickly. I would love to see the prices reduced, but of course I understand the costs involved with the maintenance, etc. As I indicated by the ranking, the additions I would most like to see would be geared toward making the pool a more interesting place for younger children.
Interesting survey. However, it is not the aquatics program that CRPR has difficulty managing. It is their sports programs & camps. They are usually understaffed and done "halfway." The sports programs are not checked on enough for fairness, etc. Your rules are often inconsistent. For instance; your outdoor summer boys playoff procedure. It did not meet normal playoff practices in any way. Your counselors are not as actively involved as they should be - especially at the pools. I tend to stay away [from the pools] when day campers are there. It is too many children at one time with very little involvement by counselors. Have more get into the water & interact with students. Have others standing near pool - not sitting and talking.
Wave pool/water park is greatly needed!! Daily fees to the pool already seem steep, but pass fees are reasonable & the way to go if you plan on visiting often.
2 swim classes overcrowds the adults, when there are only a few spaces for lap swimmers, and the casual adults swimmers do not have casual area.. Admission fees too high for senior citizens.
We are not well off (as many residents are not - especially e.g. graduate student families) and as a public facility is it wrong to price a significant portion of the community out of the opportunity to go to the pool. Where we used to live it was truly a public pool - $1 per person, children under 5 free. The problem with the cost is that for a family to visit the pool is $15. We bought passes for $138 but the weather has not been great and haven't gone that often.
The crowding at PF pool has been tremendous over the years. For improved pool usage, I recommended public hours after swim lessons begin at 12:00 and go till 9:00pm. Reasons = most young families with napping toddlers & preschoolers would prefer these hours around 12:00 because 2:00 is naptime. Moms can come enjoy 2 hours, go home put kids down for a nap - then come back after dinner for a few hours with Dads! If you notice most 5:30 - 7:30 swimmers are Dads & kids - most early day swimmers are moms & kids! P.S. I managed a large private facility in the Harrisburg area and they had excellent programs and attendance. 
We very much enjoy swimming at the Welch pool. I think the fees for swimming are reasonable. My children have enjoyed swimming and have learned how to swim in the past 3 years. I learned to swim at Welch pool more than 33 years ago.
Far too expensive for large families. Anything over $4 is outrageous!
The pool is fine. Get more shade, parking. The high school pool has too much chlorine in it. It's awful. Welch pool - the guards are great. Bug control. More tables with umbrellas. Snack bar with food.
Swimming and water safety far outstrip the importance of water slides and sprinklers. Please do not spend tax dollars on the frivolity instead of life-long skills that save lives.
[Water playground/park] separate entity my preference. We would still go to Welch Pool a lot more than wave pool. Wave pool by private group would be successful but should be separate from public facility and tax $ (no tax $). Water park in Tipton is close enough for COG recreational pool area. Unless private wants to do this, NO TAX $.
I have a real concern with pairing with the Y to build another indoor pool. I have experienced them monopolizing pool space during most convenient hours for their swim team practice and leaving inadequate space for rec swimmers and lap swimmers. This really discourages others using the pool. Pool hours are taken up by swim teams practicing at after school and evening hours. More availability of lap swimming times. Availability of pool space for rec swimming and lap swimming after summer.
By far, my highest priority would be to use any extra monies to build an indoor community pool.
Welch Pool is a great pool. The crowding doesn't seem to be a problem. One of the cleanest pools year-in & year-out.
I am happy to know that options for improving aquatics programs in our region are being considered. We attend Park Forest Pool - it is nice but generally too crowded and hard to manage with children that cannot stand in the water. The "baby" pool is so far away and always freezing cold that it may as well not be there. As a further thought, our side of town (Patton/even Half Moon Township) could really use YMCA type facilities. The new Y is beautiful but is pretty far across town. If a new indoor/outdoor complex (pool) is built it would be great to also have a gymnasium/fitness center facility available. In regard to the Park Forest Pool...maybe graded down to 2ft., then out to 3 ft. - to enlarge space for those too small for the pool as it is.
We love the Welch pool & swim team. The guards are great also. It does get a bit crowded at times, though. It would be helpful to have an adult on site at Welch at all times. Spray for bees.
I have not been able to get into a program for my 3 year old for two years; he took lessons at the Athletic club. We do not like the day care children crowding the pool with very little supervision.
I would like a family rate - daily use or season pass to be reasonable not just the same price - how about a little break for a family. Also, changes to registration for lessons.
Recreation and parks are essential, not optional, for a healthy community. Public delivery is appropriate.
My only complaint about the P.F. Pool is the restrooms. The toilet area is dark, cramped, and smelly/dirty.
I truly dislike the idea of a waterpark operated by the Borough!
I don't like the new policy at Park Forest Pool requiring everyone to pay an entrance fee. Sometimes a family member/friend just wants to watch & should not be required to pay. Sometimes is would be nice to go swimming in the late morning, but pools are closed due to lessons.
Most mother with younger children whom I know avoid the public pools during the daytime. There are too many kids so it is scary to have younger children there who aren't as adept at swimming. Since area hotels offer pool passes for about the same price (Hampton Inn is $150 per family for the entire summer), there are many families going there instead and leaving the public pools to the day cares.
Like all sports facilities, the public pools are really crowded on hot days and in the month of June before people start going on vacation. Building a third pool? What's the cost versus adding amenities to P.F. and Welch? We don't swim in the winter months as we are skiers, but have never heard any complaints regarding not being able to swim in the winter. I believe you have the high school north building open and PSU nat for use. I'd rather see more lesson times available as we only take one set as the rest of the summer was full. Your pools are clean, safe, staff is friendly and courteous and very reasonably priced. We have bought passes for 8 years. Thank you. At present it seems that Welch is more crowded than P.F. pool. Is that due to location or because of the slide and diving area? I would research this should you decide to build a third pool.
I would use the pools more if there were morning thru early afternoon hours. I can't justify the cost ($9 for myself & 2 preschoolers) to go to the pool at noon and then have to leave at 1:00 for nap time. I bought passes for this summer, but I find I'm not using them because of this issue.
Picture taking for passes should be done earlier than when the pool opens.
The crowded pool at Welch really detracts from my well as the fact that balls are constantly being tossed around. I've attended the pool for 10 years, and I think too many toys are being allowed, especially in light of the crowded conditions. It would also be nice to have a pool of about 3-4 feet (or at least a larger portion) for the younger swimmers. Having a non-swimmer is's hard for them to practice swimming. Finally, I had talked with the Y a while ago, and they said a pool was in their 3-5 year plan. I think we need at least one more pool now! Instead of considering per visit fees, I would pay a slightly higher season pass fee for improved facilities, and you could probably generate more fees with an all-season pass if facilities were available.
I love the Welch Pool. It exceeds my expectations. During adult swim, parents with tots should not be included. All else is wonderful.
I would highly appreciate more facilities for toddlers and younger children who cannot swim yet (warm baby pool, toys, slides, fountains).
Based on what I have seen, I would never turn over the safety of my kids to the lifeguards on duty@ Park Forest Pool. They are easily distracted by friends, never smile, and think so highly of themselves. They should be embarrassed by their behavior and complete lack of responsibility towards their jobs. There are, of course, exceptions. The woman who is usually at the front desk is great! And there are a few lifeguards who are pleasant enough.
At Welch Pool you are allowed to drop off your children with no adult supervision at the age of 6 and older. You cannot leave a child at home until they are 12. The pool is more dangerous than leaving them at home. The lifeguards are wonderful but they cannot do their jobs effectively and be babysitters, too. My oldest child is 11 and I am at the pool every day with my children. I think the minimum age for dropping off your children should be 14. Two weeks ago a 12 year old child was injured jumping off the diving board and had to be backboarded and taken to the hospital by ambulance. The lifeguards did a great job. This child had to go to the hospital by herself because there was no parent of adult at the pool with her.
RE: Item #12: Lifeguard staff is very helpful at Welch Pool - especially with small children or waterslide and keeping adolescent behavior under control. Counter staff such as cashiers, appear "bothered" if asked a questions or for change, etc. If you can't give change, don't have vending machines. I could never comprehend their attitudes. I am surprised also that the cashiers earn more than the lifeguards.
PF pool is clean, friendly, just the right size for our 3 year old and infant. It is crowded in the pm, but we'll come nearer to "family swim" and we're pleased with the "subdued" atmosphere. I only wish we could have gotten our 3 year old into lessons there! They filled up so fast!
Please keep the season pass option.
The Welch Pool is easily accessible from our home as we live in the "Green Tree" area. The only problem we've encountered with CRPR is that we purchased 1 10-day pass which we wanted to upgrade to an entire summer pass expecting to pay the $9.00 difference. We were told this was not possible because it could not be changed in the computer. Otherwise, we have been satisfied with CRPR.
One observation I would like to make, after attending Park Forest Pool for 4 summers, is that the pool would really benefit from a solar pool cover being put on each evening. The evenings are so cold here for most of the summer that the pool heater must work a lot ( and therefore breaks down a lot). To keep the pool water warm enough - a cover would not only keep the heat in at night, but would also give the heater a "break" so maybe it wouldn't break down so much. With all the big $ needed for a new pool or covering the whole pool, couldn't we consider something that wouldn't cost very much and would pay for itself in the long run in saving on water heating and repair costs? The community is the public!! If no tax $ goes to support pools, then we might as well consider them private and the cost will be too high for lower income families.
Build a big hot tub for the old folks, please.
I would like to see an improvement in the bathroom. The toilet area is dark and mostly particularly at Park Forest and is not kept very clean - improved lighting and more frequent cleaning of the area. The floor does not dry and it is often very unpleasant to use the facility. I feel the sides of the pool should be cleaned. The mold growing on the side is very unhealthy looking. Is there any type of vacuuming that occurs? The bottom is often not very clean as well. The think these steps would make the pool a much more pleasant place to swim.
I've been on the waiting list on several occasions for my now 5 year old son. I would like to see more preschool, K learn to swim courses added.
There are only a few days when Welch pool is overcrowded - hot, humid days. Perhaps we could divide the afternoon into 2 sessions - 1 -3:00 and 3-5:00 on those days. I am frustrated when pool closes at 5:00 for swim competitions, as this is when I usually swim. I wish we had more shade and a place to sit besides the lawn.
1. Parents who are going to the pool solely to supervise their own children should not have to pay (no bathing suit on - in shorts/other clothing). They are helping the lifeguards out by being there. This was a change this year - it wasn't a problem last year. 2. Offer reduced fee for 1hr. swim pass - it's not fair to pay $3 for 1-2pm and the same $3 for 1-5pm. Sometimes you only have an hour you can go - and paying $3 each for the hour isn't worth it.
1. We must not price out low income persons. At $4 per visit plus a few sodas, it would be $20 for a family of 4 for an afternoon swim. State parks are free - but 15 miles away. Increased entry fees would drive up the already expensive day care costs of those who use the pools. 2. What we need is an indoor/outdoor aquatics facility with spray/playground features, picnic area and multipurpose rooms. 3. If most municipalities can absorb the cost of multimillion dollar municipal buildings, why couldn't they back a facility that would, at least, pay part of the expense through user fees?
[Pools too crowded] especially from day camp use. Too many unattended swimmers.
Due to lack of times for S. High School Nat to give a continuous program summer to winter, I go to the university pools. I prefer 4 times per week every week of the year. Senior program at S. High School does not provide that.
The staff at Welch is outstanding!
My children are young(ages 4/6), and just beginning to learn how to swim. Because of this we have only recently begun to use the outdoor pools. I think we would have used the pools earlier and more if there was a much larger shallow section of the pool(they are too old for the baby pool). Because of the overcrowding, although the deep end of the pool is not as crowded but you can barely move in the shallow end, and the fact that they cannot relax and just have fun in the water because the water is over their heads, I don't think the pool experience has been as good as it could be. The lack of larger shallow section in the indoor pools has also been a disappointment with regard to swimming lessons. My very small 4 year old and 5 year old have to hang off the side of the pool for 30-45 minutes (lesson sessions). This is very tiring for them and difficult to do. A new pool should give considerable attention to a bigger shallow section.
We appreciate all of the efforts that CRPR always puts forth to provide adequate, clean, safe and needed programs/facilities. The staff seems very dedicated and customer-oriented. Keep up the good work! Any improvements are greatly appreciated.
We would really like to see deck chairs at both pools, some improvements for older children 8 years and up - and perhaps if feasible expanding the pools to make them bigger - rather than building a whole new facility. This might keep the cost down. Is this possible?
Love the idea of a waterpark also we need more indoor pool space during the winter - full-size pools not "hotel pools."
Some individuals or families cannot afford to pay for "enhancements." Others can and would be willing as they were when Welch pool was developed. We have no idea now about "appropriate price." It may reflect the skill and ability of the person or persons in charge. We recall Mr. Guterun who taught swimming in the Glenland pool before and after Welch pool was developed. When soliciting funds from PSU faculty for the original Welch pool some refused to make any contributions because "it is too cold for an outdoor pool."
The desk staff are helpful. The lifeguards are not at Park Forest and are sometimes mean to the children and are easily distracted.
My children do not enjoy the pools because of the crowded conditions. However, increasing the rates to build a new pool would limit our attendance just as much.
1. A waterslide at Park Forest Pool would be terrible. This is a nice pool facility. Too small for a slide. If there is a need for a water recreation park, let a private concern build it, or let people drive to Tipton like we do. 
2. Pools seem less crowded when people in the pool behave in a more restrained fashion. Lifeguards should curtail the physical horseplay so more people can enjoy the pool.
There is no need for water toys in the pool (i.e. rafts, inner tubes, etc.). Maintain the current pool and grounds. The purpose of public pool is for the public to be able to afford admission. Many children in the area will be denied access if the price goes up.
Change Sr. Citizen age to 60 and above.
Extend hours open pools earlier before lunch for families. Don't close the whole pool for lap swim a few lanes would be sufficient. About 100 people get out for 5 people to swim. Heat the toddler pool (Park Forest) so that the toddlers can use it - most days it's empty because it's so cold. Don't charge children under 5 to get in.
I would very much like to see any indoor pool come to the Centre Region. My children, ages 3 & 1, have passes to the pools this summer. We mostly attend Park Forest Pool. I have not been able to get my children into the baby pool due to the cold temp. The waterfall is intimidating to toddlers. I have only observed older children playing in the waterfall. I don't feel it is developmentally appropriate for toddlers.
Thanks for asking the public via a representative sample of season pass holders and Centre Region households. We are both. The SC high school Nat water seems to have high chemical amounts and/or poor ventilation. Either way, the pool water environment causes a sinus reaction. Can someone check to see if a higher dosage or wrong chemicals are being used? Thanks! Also, can your CRPR suggest to the proper person or authority to please consider a representative sampling of the Centre Region concerning Schlow Library location and other library aspects. No such survey has been made; only a tallying of people who picked up a survey form at the library. It was/is a biased prejudiced survey/results. Thanks for listening.
Often, there is some little clap of thunder, and then I can't swim laps at the only possible time for me, 5-5:30. If you build another pool it should have some space for lap swimming all the time. All I want is soap in the men's shower!
I go to swim ½ hr. when time allows. I would not have any need or desire for upgrades.
My only complaint with CRPR is the difficulty of getting my children into the swim lessons. I have tried the drop off method of registering on the very day the booklet comes in the CDT and for the last 4 sessions at least, my child has been on the waiting list.
We recently moved here and have used your Park Forest pool. Very well pleased with maintenance and support people. It is very pleasing to the eye.
We would still hope to get senior discount.
One thing that upset me this year was, I'm not a swimmer myself, but my son is. But I had to pay the admission fee just to bring him into family swim. He had a season pass so he was there 2-3 times a week, and then I would pay to come in just to watch. Whatever happened to trust!
This year, I tried to register my 4 oldest children in swim programs before the pools even opened. I ended up having to enroll them in three different sessions because so many classes were full. If classes are full before the pool even opens, there is a shortage. It is very inconvenient to schedule classes. For a family of 7, pool passes get expensive and classes add up quickly. Maybe a family pass would be nice.
There should be a reduced "Daily Admission" fee for children. Grandparents who are visiting and just want to watch should not be charged admission. FYI, We were at an incredible pool facility in Newton, Iowa. Big slides, fountains, etc. and lots of fun. The admission there was $2.75.
I believe a new facility (pool or park) would be great, but not in Park Forest. It would better serve the community if you place it near Fairbrook (or possibly near Spring Creek).
I enjoy your facility. I would like to see morning swims added. I would like some aesthetic fencing from the parking lot at Welch Pool. I would like a homey, kid-friendly atmosphere in dressing room and at the kid pool. We rarely use your pool in the early afternoon due to overcrowding. I have small children and experiencing the pool with so many pre-teen kids playing is difficult. I prefer the atmosphere at Millheim's community pool. It seems more family-friendly. They have Disney character curtains in the changing stalls and a playhouse at the kid pool and less people. At least one morning option preferred.
I think a large indoor/outdoor pool facility would be great for this area. Gook luck.
Lockers would be necessary for any covered or indoor facility for year-round use.
Whatever you do, keep it simple. State College has this idea that everything new has to be grandiose, Taj Mahal level. Swimming pools are for swimming.
Currently, I use the university's facilities; however, when our family expands we plan on using the community's facilities.
Sorry this survey is late for you. I just received the survey as it had to be forwarded and that takes a minimum of a week. This would make the most sense for year round use, but perhaps this could be completed through private funds (YMCA).
We have a very high tax base and plenty of money as a community. These pools should be free to anyone 16 and under.
The idea of building an additional outdoor pool with tax dollars is foolish considering the hours and price at Penn State's outdoor pool. You don't need to be affiliated with PSU to use these facilities during the summer. Work on coming up with an indoor solution instead.
1. We like the new lap swim time on the weekends (11AM). 2. Could you add one or two evening adult (16+) lap swim times after the pool closes at 7:30? 3. Could you schedule evening water aerobics classes after 7:30? For Welch Pool
We do not use the public pools and therefore did not answer questions 11-14. CRPR policy and/or pricing has nothing to do with our choice of leisure activities.
We used the pools when the boys were small, mostly swimming lessons, and the services and fees were fine. Now we belong to a private club which is much costlier but very uncrowded and we prefer it as well as natural waters such as Black Moshannon, Shaver's Creek, etc.
General comment: I live in Halfmoon Twp. I know we don't belong to CRPR. But it's really frustrating that our school taxes are just as high as the rest of the Centre Region and none of the schools' recreation facilities are in this township. Has everyone on the school board forgotten about us?
The new indoor/outdoor pool should have a wave machine and slide.
There really needs to be older lifeguards on that are more in tune with what is going on around the pool, and if the workers are to be working then they need to be at the waterslide for the kids no matter how many or little people there are at the pool.
Although I joined this summer, I have not attended any pool to date. It is more convenient for my daughter and I to swim in the morning.
I do not use any of the swimming facilities in Centre Region. I would be interested in enhancing the outdoor pools as I think every person, children especially, should know how to swim.
Good luck in getting people to first, support a new facility, then in getting the land, and thirdly, in getting them to pay the necessary fees. Viva the new library, and the new pool! Can the Centre Region cooperate to have "world-class"reading and swimming? I don't think so, if the past events are any indication. Sorry to be such a pessimist but given the wealth here, it's sad to see how little we have for public recreation compared to other areas. Too many greedy developers who have no future vision, I guess.
More information is needed on how local taxes are used in this regard. Are the pools funded entirely by admission prices?
Having had a child, now graduated, who swam competitively, I understand the need for facilities for these gifted children in our community. Getting her to the Nat by 6am every morning for swim time was difficult and there was never enough practice time for these kids which hurt them in the state meets. The other item that is obvious is that the population of this region has grown without corresponding facilities. While it is my opinion that the community at large should provide some support for this the bulk of the financial burden should be borne by the users.
Do not swim in a pool, only in a lake or ocean. Please note that I feel any new pool should not be run by government. They will make a mess of it.
I do not use any of the facilities but I am pleased they are offered for the youth of this region.
Both children have participated as competition swimmers. Since PSU has denied the YMCA's access to their pools, a new year-round facility really is required. We have four winter competition programs competing for inadequate winter/indoor pool facilities.
Cleaner pool, bathroom, more picnic tables. Activities like slides, hoops
A well-constructed instrument that was very easy to answer. Use some money from the fee in lieu of from new developments. A pool needs to be built out toward Boalsburg.
Yes, I do go swimming but am willing to pay for this service to a private enterprise. I think this expense should be left to private enterprises and not be a burden to the taxpayer. Let the people who want these aquatic needs pay for them.
I do not use any public facility. I am handicapped and the Days Inn meets all my swimming needs - management and water temperature. Have been going there for years and do not intend to change.
This is the first time in 2 years to hear about the Park Forest of Welch swimming pools. Please send me info about their locations and fees and hours of operation. Waterpark is of utmost importance and will help the economy of Centre Region.
Even though we have not participated, I think public-supported pools for our youth and adults are very important and I would hope that good programs can continue in this area. Yes, our tax dollars should support such programs. Admissions to such facilities should be as cheap as possible so that pool users should not feel they can't use the pool because of high financial admission policies.
Adults, children, teens and college students have totally incompatible needs as far as swimming is concerned. Adults want to swim laps or float about. Young kids need some space where they can walk around in shallow water or learn to swim. Teens want to indulge in every possible form of splashing, throwing , dunking horseplay without regard for young children or adults and college students seems to cut across all of the above. For these reasons we have preferred to take family memberships in several hotel pools where we can choose the best hours for us, where we can take our grandchildren and where we can swim, teach our grandchildren to swim, use a hot tub and never feel like sardines in a can. And this pleasant experience of actually being able to enjoy a swimming pool costs about, or less than 1/10 of the lowest price that you suggest in your list of options. Public swimming pools seem best suited for young kids and teens not for adults. It was that way 25-30 years ago when our kids were young and we swam at Park Forest; it is no different today. Overall, I give the CRPR the highest rating for all of the program sit operates and I participate regularly in the adult volleyball program, however, although I support the efforts of CRPR in general, I have no strong opinions about the aquatics program because our family has not used it for 30 years and we are not likely to use it in the future.
I do not ever use any of the pools. But I think it's fine for the children.
I support the pools, but as a single adult I don't tend to use them as much.
I think an indoor facility is long overdue and much needed - health clubs are too costly and unavailable to many. HS Nat is only available in Fri. pm's, and PSU Nat only at selected times. Parking should be a factor in location. In the Centre Region, not many people could afford to nor would spend more than $4 /person/child/session. My opinion of course, I wouldn't.
There is a need in this community for more aquatics programs for older adults. Times need set aside for this age group as well as for them to bring young grandchildren. Open swimming has too much rough, aggressive activity from older children and young adults. More security will also be needed. Older adult homeowners are supporting CRPR through taxes and little opportunity for outside recreation especially swimming. Cost isn't a factor. Availability and quality is.
I personally use the pool for lap swimming and exercise. But I'm interested in aquatics for young children. I think it is very important for children to learn and be exposed to aquatics at a young age. I don't have any experience with the area pools, except the Nat, they always look too crowded.
I do not use the pools. If there is at some time a good exercise program for seniors that is in warm water I might. It would need to be very reasonable in price.
I would only use the public pool for swimming lessons since we have a pool at home. However, a waterpark would be nice to have available.
I do feel those who use the pools should pay for them.
The only way I would support a new pool, is if it would be affordable for all. There are too many people living in this area making minimum wage and cannot afford the current charges. Everybody isn't employed by the university, so why should everybody support a public pool to appease them?
If you make the prices any higher I think it will eliminate a lot of the lower income families from being able to afford to come to the pool.
While I believe facility users should pay fees, I don't personally feel I would spend much more that $3/person for an average swimming outing. I would pay more for a water park and more for swimming lessons than is currently charged. I would be in favor of tax support and special fund raising to raise funds for new facilities with maintenance costs covered by user fees.
I would love to have my family use public pools, but the cost for each person is too much. I would love to see a family price limit. Thank you.

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