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Wm. L. Welch Community Swimming Pool
670 Westerly Parkway, State College, PA 16801


Photo by Kevin Witt

The renewed Wm. L. Welch Community Swimming Pool
opened at 11:30 AM on Sat. 28 May 2011
with a 30-minute ceremony! Please come see it in person, at water level!
(Photo courtesy of The Sky's the Limit Ballooning)

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In lieu of a groundbreaking for the new facility, a "Last Splash Ceremony"
was held at 6 PM on Labor Day (7 Sep 09) to celebrate 51 years of service to the community.
WP Last Splash

THE HISTORY OF WELCH POOL (as relayed by Mr. Robert Ayer, Director Emeritus of CRPR): 

William L. Welch Pool was constructed by the State College Area Recreation Association in the Fall of 1958 and the Spring of 1959 at a cost of $178,817; a public subscription drive raised funds for the construction.  The land for the pool was leased from the State College Area School District.   The pool opened on July 17, 1959.  Some of the key people in the development and operation of the facility were Dr. William L. Welch Sr., M.D., Mr. John Dittmar, Mr. Ridge Riley, Mr. MacDonald Heebner, Dr. Fred Coombs, Mr. Harold Byers, Mrs. A. Nease, Mrs. Kyle MacKenzie, Mrs. Mary Jane Smith, Mr. Jo Hays, Mr. Paul Harner, Mr. William Gutteron, Mr. Richard Fedon and others.

Welch Pool PlaqueOn July 31, 1968, the pool was dedicated in honor of Dr. Wm. L. Welch, M.D.; henceforth it became known as "Welch Pool." Through 1968, the pool was operated by the association; in 1969 the facilities were transferred to the (newly-formed) Centre Region Parks & Recreation Authority for ownership and operation (the land under the pool facilities continues to be leased from the school district).

Several improvements were made over the years, including adding the current bathhouse and entrance building, moving the wading pool, making the diving well deeper and installing updated circulation / filter systems. In 1987, the water slide was added.  2009 was the 51st summer of operation of Welch Pool. The 1968 plaque shown above will be refurbished and included in the new facility.

With the advance approval of the family, the plaque in memory of Rob Marciniak was removed and will be included in the new facility with a new tree.

Another CRPR Remembrance Tree, small enough to be transplanted prior to construction, will be replanted at the new facility.

Rob's Plaque

A rendering of the current construction plan, based upon the concepts in the approved Master Site Plan.

To view this plan in greater detail, please click on the image (file size: 3.2 MB) to open the image in a new browser window.

Click to view the full-size image (3.2 MB)

A plan showing the location of the new facilities compared to the existing facilities.

All the existing facilities will be demolished.

To view this plan in greater detail, please click on the image (file size: 1.4 MB) to open the image in a new browser window.

Click to view the full-size image (1.4 MB)

The 3-D Model Images at right were produced by HP Architects based upon the renewed Welch Pool plans as of 1 May 09.

The facilities shown are subject to further revisions as the detailed plans are developed for regulatory approvals and bids.

Welch Pool Entrance Area

Overall Facility

View from slide entry

(13 Sep 09):

The construction documents are currently under review by (1) PA Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources (delivered on 3 Aug 09) and (2) Centre Region Code Agency.

On 10 Sep 09, the Recreation Authority officially authorized that sealed bids be requested as soon as the approval of PA DCNR is received. Once the sealed bids are received and opened:
(1) the bids will be evaluated with respect to the approved project budget,
(2) the various construction contracts will be recommended to the Authority for official action,
(3) a Notice to Proceed will be issued to the respective contractors (General, Electrical, Plumbing, Swimming Pool), and
(4) demolition will commence (Fall 2009) and construction will begin (Spring 2010).
It is expected that construction will be completed in Sept 2010 - so Welch Pool will not be available for use during Summer 2010.  Park Forest Community Swimming Pool will be open and expanded community use of the High School Natatorium will be requested from SCASD for Summer 2010. 

It is expected that the renewed Wm. L. Welch Community Swimming Pool will officially open on Memorial Day Weekend 2011.

(28 Oct 09)
As advertised, sealed bids were publicly opened at 3:00 PM in the COG Building. The Bid Tabulation is available HERE in PDF Format (Size: 54 KB).  The bids will be evaluated and a recommendation with respect to accepting the various bidders and alternates will be prepared for official action by the Authority Board at 12:15 PM on Thursday, 5 Nov 09, in the COG Building Forum Room.  The public is invited to attend (View Legal Notices).
(5 Nov 09):

The following motions were approved by the Authority Board at their Special Meeting on 5 Nov 09:

a. “That the General Construction Contract be awarded to Poole Anderson Construction, State College, PA, the low bidder, to include: Base Bid, Alternate G-1A, Alternate G-1B, Alternate G-3, Alternate G-4, Alternate G-5, Alternate G-10, Alternate G-11, Alternate G-12 (x quantity of 2), Alternate G-13 (x quantity of 12)
for a total contract price of $1,688,900.00."

b. “That the Plumbing Construction Contract be awarded to Allied Mechanical and Electrical, State College, PA, the low bidder, to include: Base Bid
for a total contract price of $198,000.00.”

c. “That the Electrical Construction Contract be awarded to Mountainside Electric, Rebersburg, PA, the low bidder, to include: Base Bid, Alternate E-1, Alternate E-2
for a total contract price of $268,000.00.”

d. “That the Swimming Pool Construction Contract be awarded to Main Line Commercial Pools Inc., King of Prussia, PA, the low bidder, to include: Base Bid, Alternate SP-1, Alternate SP-4, Alternate SP-5, Alternate SP-6, Alternate SP-7, Alternate SP-12
for a total contract price of $1,884,000.00.”

e. Execution of Contracts; Issue the Notice To Proceed: “That the Authority Chair (or a Board Officer) be authorized to sign the contracts and that the Architect issue, upon completion of the necessary documents and approvals, the Notice To Proceed to the four contractors.”


(17 Nov 09)

The contractors are mobilizing and completing the necessary documents. The General Contractor expects to begin site work in December. To allow for the closure of the parking by SCASD on the Welch Pool lot, advance notice of one week will be provided to SCASD once the site schedule is finalized.

The Welch Pool waterslide, which was sold to the highest bidder via Internet auction, was removed by the winning bidder on 19 Nov 09. The waterslide was in service since 1987. The old lane lines, starting blocks, diving boards and pool boiler were also sold in this manner.

COG Update
(23 Nov 09)
To view the 11-slide PowerPoint show for the COG General Forum on 23 Nov 09 to provide an update on the project plans and construction schedule, click HERE (provided in HTML format; not recommended for dial-up connections).
Demolition Begins The General Contractor & the Electrical Contractor began site work and demolition in December.

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