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Centre Region Aquatics Feasibility Study - 2002

In March 2002 the Centre Regional Recreation Authority approved and released the Aquatics Feasibility Study, which was initiated in 2000 and funded with the assistance of a state grant, participating municipalities, and the S.C. Area Family YMCA. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the public aquatic facilities and programs in the region and make recommendations for the future. The Authority had previously named a 5-member volunteer Aquatics Task Force to work with the consultants. Results from a number of previously conducted surveys were also provided to the consultants.

Briefly, the report makes the following recommendations as part of an 8-year time frame:
• It is not feasible to construct and operate a third outdoor community pool,
• A new, larger-capacity Regional Family Aquatic Center (outdoor) should be developed at another site,
• William L. Welch Community Swimming Pool should then be retired,
• Park Forest Community Swimming Pool should be rehabilitated and improved, and
• Covering Park Forest Community Swimming Pool with an air-support structure for off-season or extended-season uses is not economically feasible.

The complete study is available here for your information:

Click here to download the report in PDF Format

 (Adobe® Acrobat Reader, available free by download, must be installed on your computer). The file size is 2.2 MB. It is not recommended for dial-up connections. This link will open a new window in your browser. It is recommended that you download the document, then save it to your computer for later viewing and/or printing. The PDF version does not contain Appendix A documents.

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