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"My Veteran / My Hero"©
Tribute Tree Campaign

established January 2014 by the
Centre Region Parks & Recreation Authority

State College, PA 16801


  • To provide special places for families, friends, businesses and organizations to honor or memorialize their US Military Veteran/Hero, living or passed, regardless of their dates of military service.  The new Regional Parks will serve as the special host sites, starting at Oak Hall Regional Park near Boalsburg.  This new, 68-acre park fully opened on 2 May 2015.
  • To provide web access to the donor's story about their Veteran/ Hero, as well as information about their donated tree. A photo of the Veteran/ Hero may also be uploaded to post online.
  • The donations will also enable future improvements at the Regional Parks, as shown on each Park Master Plan and as approved by the Authority Board.

"A tree is a keepsake that will mature with the seasons and transform a memory into a growing remembrance."

A minimum donation of $480, along with the requested information about each Veteran/Hero, is required for each MyVeteran/MyHero © Tribute Tree. Your donation to the Authority is tax-deductible; the Authority is a 501c3 entity.

The Tribute Trees will only be planted each Spring. Therefore, those requests and donations submitted by 15 March annually will be processed for planting that spring. Donations made after 15 March will be planted the following spring.

To donate funds for a MyVeteran/MyHero Tribute Tree:

  • Step 1: Review the campaign details on this page.
  • Step 2: Complete and submit this MyVeteran/MyHero Donation Form (Fillable PDF form).
  • Step 3: Make the donation online HERE, by mail or by phone to
    (814) 231-3071. An electronic receipt will be provided.  Donations should be made payable to the “CRPR Authority Gifts-For-Parks Fund” and will be held separately for this purpose. CRPR Staff will then contact you to confirm all information.
MVMH Tree Tag
Sample Aluminum Tree Tag (Actual size 3"x3.5")

At the tree: Each tree planting will include an anodized aluminum plate to be mounted just above ground level on a beveled, recycled-plastic post with the information shown at left.

On the web: When the QR code at the tree is scanned by a smart phone, this special webpage will be displayed.  Upon selecting the Tag Number (unique to each tree), the following personalized information will be displayed on the visitor's Internet-enabled device:

  • details about the service history of your Veteran/Hero,
  • a photo of your Veteran/Hero (if provided by the donor),
  • the donor name(s), and
  • details about that tree (common name, scientific name, planting date)

A roster of MyVeteran/MyHero names is also available HERE if the Tag Number is not available.

AVAILABLE TREES: Designated zones at each park will be planted with Tribute Trees as the donations are made - starting at the new Oak Hall Regional Park near Boalsburg. The Oak Hall Regional Park PLANTING PLAN is posted HERE (0.3 MB PDF). Based upon that plan, donors are asked to select one of the following trees / locations:

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  • Each balled and burlapped tree will be professionally-planted and stand 10-12' high with a 1.5"-2" trunk caliper. The types of available trees and planting locations will be those specified on each Regional Park Planting Plan. 
  • Each tree may honor or memorialize a single veteran from any branch of the U.S. Military, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines, Army Air Corp, “Women's Airforce Service Pilots” (WASPs) and the “Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service” (WAVES).
  • Each tree will maintained by CRPR staff.  If a tree requires replacement within 20 years of the planting date, CRPR will provide a replacement tree comparable to the initial planting (1.5-2” caliper, 10-12’ high) at a suitable site within the same park.
  • As technology advances with respect to QR Codes, CRPR reserves the right to update the recognition process with an alternate method that provides similar information to park visitors.
The View from Oak Hall Reg. Park
The magnificant view of the valley and Mount Nittany in late-October 2013 from Oak Hall Regional Park (68-acres),
The new park fully opened on 2 May 2015.  Photo by J. Douglas Wenger for CRPR.

About the Centre Region Parks & Recreation Authority

The CRPR Authority was established in 1970 by the Centre Region Council of Governments.  All donations will be tax-deductible to the extent permitted by the IRS. The CRPR Authority is designated by the IRS as a 501(c)3 entity.  The Authority also holds Charitable Organization Registration #31963 with the PA Dept. of State, Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations.  These classifications do not indicate any fundraising endorsements.

The CRPR Authority is a publicly-funded, municipal agency serving 5 municipalities since 1966. The Authority also maintains 501c3 status.
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