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Centre Region Parks & Recreation Authority
(includes Geocaching, Letterboxing, GeoDashing, etc.)

Revised Policy as approved on 8 Nov 2005 by the
Centre Region Parks & Recreation Authority Board

 The policy was originally approved and implemented in November 2004.

As of 23 Jun 2015, there are 12 approved caches in 9 CRPR park areas.

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           Centre Region Parks & Recreation has been officially charged to manage and operate municipal park facilities on behalf of five participating municipalities and the Recreation Authority. CRPR maintains and programs the municipal and COG-owned parks located in the Borough of State College and in the Townships of College, Ferguson, Harris and Patton. The agency also operates the Millbrook Marsh Nature Center, Centre Region Senior Center, and two outdoor swimming pools - on behalf of the CRPR Authority Board.  Centre Region Parks & Recreation welcomes geo-gaming as a healthy physical activity that encourages outdoor adventures. The purpose of this policy is to establish management and placement guidelines for geo-gaming so as to minimize the impact on natural and cultural resources in the municipal parks of the Centre Region. Permits are required at this time for Geocaches and Letterboxes only. There is currently no fee to obtain a Permit.

            Geocaching involves the placement of ‘caches’ (usually small containers) in natural areas. The general location and geographic coordinates of these caches are shared on the Internet, i.e. at . Global Positioning System (GPS) users can then use the location coordinates to search for and discover the caches. Caches contain a variety of items and the visitor is asked to leave a new item to replace the one they removed. Cache owners monitor the cache they placed with logbooks in the cache box, as well as on Internet sites.

            Letterboxing involves the placement of small containers in natural or urban areas that contain a personal stamp (usually a rubber stamp) and logbook. Participants follow clues, sometimes using a compass or maps, to locate the letterbox. The logbook in the box is then stamped with the finder’s personal stamp and the letterbox stamp is stamped inside the finder’s logbook. Information on letterboxing, which began in Dartmoor, England and has spread to the USA, is available at

            GeoDashing includes the use of GPS unit to participate in a game involving predefined waypoints and does not involve the placement of a physical cache. Therefore, no permit or approval is required for GeoDashing, but all regular Municipal Park Rules apply.

           This policy does not cover caches/letterboxes located in state parks, state forests, school lands, university lands, or non-park areas of municipal lands.


  1. Read this Policy and Guidelines (PDF).
  2. Complete the Permit Application (Fillable PDF). There is currently no fee to obtain a permit; the permits expire after 12 months.
  3. Submit the application to the CRPR office (2643 Gateway Drive #1, State College, PA 16801).
  4. A Permit or a Denial Letter will be issued to the applicant within 10-days.  NOTE: the permit will be vaild for 12 consecutive months.
    After that time, a renewal request must be submitted by the geocacher or the cache must be removed within 14 days of the permit expiration date.
  5. Upon issuance of a permit, the cache owner may then place and promote the cache. 

All Geogaming inquiries should please be directed to Melissa Freed at CRPR: (814) 235-7819 (M-F, 8-5 PM)

1.         The Cache/Box Owner is responsible for care and monitoring of the cache/box while on municipal park property. CRPR is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. Cache must be physically checked monthly by the Permit Holder.

2.          ALL Municipal Park Regulations must be followed, including the use of a park only during daylight hours (from dawn to dusk). For a complete listing of Centre Region Parks & Recreation park locations, please click HERE.

3.          When choosing a location for a geocache or letterbox, owners should be aware of the perception of other park visitors and non-geocachers. Caches that interfere with current park activities, pavilion reservations, or other recreational park activities will not be approved. Also, cache locations should not pose any danger to those searching for the cache or to other visitors. CRPR retains the right to remove a cache in the interest of protecting the park environment and/or visitor safety.

4.          No archaeological, historic, or ecologically sensitive sites should be used for cache locations.

5.          No burying or digging is permitted. Cutting trees, shrubs, or plants is also prohibited.

6.         Geocaches must be clearly labeled “Official Geocache” with the permit number on the outside of the container. Inside the container must be a log book, owner contact information, and a brief information sheet about geocaching for unexpected discoverers to understand the cache process. Letterboxes must also be clearly labeled with the permit number and contain a brief information sheet about letterboxing.

7.          This policy is effective immediately for all geocaches and letterboxes within the CRPR municipal park system. Non-permitted caches/boxes may be removed and destroyed by CRPR at anytime.

8.          CRPR will issue permits for “Micro” caches (such as a 35mm film container), “Regular” caches (such as a plastic kitchen container), and “Virtual” caches (no cache container, the location is the cache itself). Multi-stage caches are generally discouraged, but will be reviewed when information regarding each stage is submitted to CRPR. No “Large” caches (i.e., buckets, ammo cases, pipe containers) are permitted.

9.          Permits for a specific site will be granted for 12 consecutive months from the issuance of the permit. Within 14 days after the end of that period, the cache/box must be removed, the site restored to the original condition, and CRPR notified in writing or by email of its removal. CRPR reserves the right to remove without notice and dispose of the cache after the 14-day period.

10.        Cache and/or Letterbox Site Permits will be limited to two current caches/boxes per park. It will not be the responsibility of CRPR to maintain any type of “wait list” for permit slots in a park.

11.        The Cache/box owner must provide all application information and be available to accompany the reviewer to the proposed cache/box location, if requested. A photo of the proposed site and of the proposed cache container should be furnished with the application.

12.        A list of container contents must also be submitted with the permit application. No firearms, weapons, ammo, food, alcohol, drugs, explosives, or adult items may be included in the cache. Cache contents must be suitable for all ages.

13.        Caches or letterboxes placed in CRPR municipal parks should be available to the public via the public website (such as or Caches for private access will not be accepted.

Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer.

All Geocaching inquiries should please be directed to Melissa Freed at CRPR: (814) 235-7819

The CRPR Authority is a publicly-funded, municipal agency serving 5 municipalities since 1966. The Authority also maintains 501c3 status.
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