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2009 CRPR Highlights
7 Jan 2010

1.         Park and Program Operations

-          A comprehensive, year-round (and popular) menu of public recreation programs and special events was offered for all ages.

-          Thanks to regional cooperation, a total of 783 acres at 51 sites across the region were maintained for residents to enjoy. 1,086 pavilion reservations were issued in 2009 by the agency, exceeding 1,000 permits for the first time.

-          Reflecting high interest, during 2009 the Centre Region Parks & Recreation website at hosted 2.63 million hits from 267,410 visitors; an average of 732 visitors per day. In addition, the Internet registration service for agency recreation programs has become very popular with residents.

-          The state awarded a PA. Conservation Corp (PCC) grant to the Recreation Authority for the 8th consecutive year. The value of each grant is set at over $100,000 annually and the local cost is $5,000. The Authority recently applied to be considered for the 9th straight year.

2.         Special Facility Operations

-          The two pools hosted a total of 64,612 visits, a 34% increase over 2008 visits, thanks largely to the popularity of the renewed Park Forest Community Pool. 2009 revenue at Park Forest Pool increased by 78% over 2008.

-          The Centre Region Senior Center provided 4,528 noontime meals and hosted 17,222 program visits during 2009.

-          Millbrook Marsh Nature Center hosted 10,301 program visits during 2009, a 6% increase from 2008.

3.         Pool Renewals

-          The renewed Park Forest Pool opened on 13 Jun 09 with total project costs under the established budget ceiling of $3.2 million. State funding assistance was provided for both the Master Site Plan and for the construction project.

-          The Welch Pool Master Site Plan was completed, approved and implemented with project costs estimated at $5 million, within the allotted funds. While state funding assistance was again provided for both the master plan and the construction project, the bulk of the costs were provided by the long-term cooperation of the five participating municipalities. Site work began in December, working towards a Fall 2010 completion and a May 2011 reopening.

4.         Regional Parks Initiative

-          Completed the Master Site Plan for the Oak Hall Regional Parklands with the assistance of a $38,000 state grant. The plan was approved by the COG General Forum in October.

-          Selected the consultant for the Whitehall Road Regional Parklands Master Site Plan and started the planning process. A $40,000 state grant is assisting with the project.

-          Began consideration of a proposal from Harris Township for COG to acquire the Hess Softball Field complex.

The CRPR Authority is a publicly-funded, municipal agency serving 5 municipalities since 1966. The Authority also maintains 501c3 status.
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