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Centre Region Council of Governments
Centre Region Parks & Recreation - 2004 Agency Goals
Approved as amended by the CRPR Board on 20 Jan 04.
These goals are not listed in priority.

Category 2004 Goal Descriptions
Operations - Promote the benefits and availability of local recreation opportunities in parks and programs.
- Provide effective, efficient, and safe program & facility operations (including customer services, parks, senior center, nature center, aquatics).
- Continue website operations / updates and promotion of the website.
- Complete details and implement an Internet-based solution for P&R services by customers.
- Complete and maintain the regional P&R Inventory & Assessment Project.
- Search & apply for available grants for improvements, operations, and for capital projects (re: regional and municipal projects).
- Develop a COG/CRPR Policy & Procedures Manual and a Supply Inventory/Purchase Process.
- Develop a Memorandum of Understanding with SCASD regarding group scheduling on leased park sites.
Special Events
- Implement and evaluate the combined-season Winter / Spring Leisure Guide.
- Increase program participation and net revenue. Add new programs and special events as resources & opportunities permit.
- Develop a program plan to revitalize the summer camps & supervised playgrounds for 2005.
- Expand partnership opportunities involving publicity, programs, leagues, special events and parks.
- Reactivate the Youth Sports Council to foster greater cooperation & improved communications with sport organizations and SCASD.
- Continue to build the CRPR Youth Sports Outreach Initiatives for coach and sport parent education.
- Revitalize the CRPR youth sport leagues, perhaps in partnership with other groups. Explore alternative youth sports/fitness programs
. Explore coordinating CRPR programs with SCASD After-School programs.
- Develop and implement a League Registration / Payment Policy (for adult sport league teams).
- Implement a process to select a Youth Sports Photograph contractor.
- Evaluate fitness programs to determine possibilities for expansion.
Aquatics - Continue to promote use of the pools with programs for all ages emphasizing safety, quality, & fun.
- Continue to work for municipal & school consensus on the process to update / improve / replace the 2 outdoor pools.
Facilities - Pending approval of the 2003 state grant application to purchase a 75-acre tracts for future parkland, work with the respective municipalities on funding the park master planning processes.
- Complete the renovation of 5 leased ballfields at 3 SCASD elementary schools.
- Work with the municipalities on park improvements, playground safety projects, new park developments.
- Integrate the 2004 park additions of Autumnwood Park and Fogleman Fields Park.
- Continue to work with the PCC program for conservation improvements.
- Reorganize mowing crews to create more comprehensive and efficient work units.
- With the approval of the COG General Forum, proceed with the expansion / renovation - and a grand reopening.
- After the expansion, build use of the facility - during the day and for evening rentals.
- Improve promotion of the programs offered by the Senior Center, Senior Social Club, and CALL.
- Develop new program partners, publicity partners, and donations to reduce municipal costs.
- Develop and implement a new mental fitness program.
- Continue to seek volunteers, program or project partners, interns, donations & grant funds.
- Complete the EPA Grant program tasks during 2004.
- Continue to develop and promote new programs, group programs & special events to increase visibility and visitations by residents and nonresidents.
- Develop the “CRPR Explorer Series” programs at the nature center and other CRPR facilities. Offer programs at Thompson Woods and Yoder Preserve.
- Promote facility rentals (barn & pavilion) and group programs.
- Develop, purchase, and install property signs (interpretive, regulatory and informational).
- Capital Improvements / Capital Campaign:
      • Finalize strategy and COG General Forum approvals - then proceed with MMNC Capital Campaign.
      • Parking lots construction; landscape plantings, connecting pathways.
      • Install "Marsh View" windows in the barn; replicate former barn air vents; install barn exterior logo graphic.
      • Complete the expanded boardwalk sections & bird blind structure.
      • Artificial fen: develop engineering drawings, apply for wetland permit, proceed w/ construction.
      • Wetlab: complete planning and proceed with construction.
      • Continue with planned PCC projects at the nature center.

The CRPR Authority is a publicly-funded, municipal agency serving 5 municipalities since 1966. The Authority also maintains 501c3 status.
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