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2003 CRPR Highlights
Prepared 10 Jan 04

Centre Region Parks & Recreation Staff

Ronald J. Woodhead, Director
Beth C. Lee, Rec. Supervisor - Programs & Spec. Evts.
Jeff R. Hall, Rec. Supervisor - Fitness & Sports
Molly Hetrick, Rec. Supervisor - Nature Center
Todd A. Roth, Aquatics Supervisor
Barbara Lindenbaum, Senior Center Director
Tanya Slashchev, Sr. Center Program Asst.
Diane Ishler, Adminis
trative Assistant

Greg Roth, Parks Supervisor
C.J. Sichler, Asst. Parks Supervisor
Kurt Kunka, Park Caretaker
Jeffrey Ballas, Park Caretaker
Gary Sprankle, Park Caretaker
Roger Broschart, Park Caretaker
Pat Hopkins, Staff Assistant
Kathy Woods, Staff Assistant

10 Jan 04

TO:                   - CRPR Board / Centre Region Parks & Recreation Authority
                          - James C. Steff, Exec. Director CR-COG

FROM:             Ronald J. Woodhead, Director 

             We are fortunate that five municipalities and the State College Area School District have formally cooperated to provide recreation and parks since 1969. As a result, our 75,000 residents are able to define “recreation” in many different ways - sports, family fun, the outdoors, nature study, aquatics, special events, parades, hiking, fitness, ice skating, sledding, relaxing, or just plain fun! However, it is often difficult to determine the real value of these public services from year to year - the numbers typically provided focus on programs, and cannot reflect all the numbers or values of park visits that occurred and park improvements accomplished during the year. So in addition to the “numbers” regarding the 2003 operations of Centre Region Parks and Recreation, I’d like to provide several highlights that resulted from the ongoing cooperation of five municipalities for parks and recreation:

1.          Parks facilities . . . during 2003 the agency maintained and operated 550 acres at 46 sites in the Centre Region.

2.          CRPR activities remain very popular! The agency processed 30,689 customer financial transactions (registrations & reservations) with customer revenue totaling $501,714. This includes the 935 picnic pavilion reservation permits issued for 2003 for the 17 pavilions.

3           Outdoor pool visits: In spite of a record-setting year for rain, Welch and Park Forest Community Swimming Pools hosted a total of 48,070 visits during the 100-day swim season. 

4.          The Centre Region Senior Citizen Center hosted a record number of program visits (17,981). Plans are underway to renovate and expand the center by 1,700 sq. ft. A p/t Program Assistant position was added during 2003.

5.          The Sports Illustrated / National Recreation & Park Assn. Sportstown Award: through a competitive selection process, the Centre Region was honored as the “Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary Sportstown” for the state of Pennsylvania. This recognition highlighted the value of long-term municipal cooperation in the region. 

6.          Child Safety Policy / Parent & Coach Outreach: The agency implemented a policy requiring criminal background checks and child abuse clearances for staff and volunteers working with youth, and initiated efforts to provide a formal training program for CRPR youth league coaches and for CRPR youth league parents - with the support of the National Alliance for Youth Sports ( ). The training program will expand in the future.

7.          Regional Cooperation “Premium Grade”: Regional Cooperation took giant leaps forward in 2003 with the occupancy of the new COG building (including the CRPR offices), and with a joint grant application to PA DCNR to acquire municipal parklands (75-acres spanning two municipalities) for active recreation activities.

8.          During 2003, the CRPR Website hosted 1,058,479 hits from 105,294 visitors - an average of 288 visitors per day - from 33,109 unique IP addresses.

Centre Region Parks & Recreation
Review of 2003 Agency Goals
as of 10 Jan 04      ► = completed

Category 2003 Goal Descriptions
Promote the benefits and availability of local recreation opportunities in parks and programs.
Provide effective, efficient, and safe program & facility operations (including customer services, parks, senior center, nature center, aquatics).
Staff Pending Board action, implement the “Child Safety Policy” for background checks of program staff.
- Complete implementation of uniform clothing for the f/t Parks Maintenance staff.
Transition to the new COG office location (mid-May).
Continue to promote donations, sponsorships, private funding, park partners, and gifts to benefit CRPR facilities, leagues, & programs (including the nature center and the Remembrance Tree program).
Continue website operations and promotion of the website.
- When available from SportsLog, evaluate options and costs for internet transactions by customers.
Assist municipal staffs with grant applications for municipal park developments & improvements.
- Pending approval of the 2002 state grant application to purchase two 75-acre tracts for future parklands, work with the respective municipalities on funding the park master planning processes.
- Complete and maintain the CRPR Board Inventory & Assessment Project.
Search & apply for available grants for improvements, operations, and for regional capital projects.
Special Events
Add new programs and special events as resources permit.
- Expand “Leisure Guide Partners” efforts to reduce net costs of seasonal Leisure Guides.
Implement the “Program Partner Policy” for cooperative program operations.
- Develop and implement a “Team Sponsor Policy” for youth sport league teams.
- Develop the Youth Sports Council to foster greater cooperation & improved communications with sport organizations and SCASD. This effort also relates to the planning process for new parklands.
Implement the Youth Sports Parent Education Program in conjunction with other local sport organizations.
Revitalize & expand the CRPR youth sport leagues, perhaps in partnership with other groups.
Aquatics Continue to work for municipal consensus on the plan to update / improve the 2 outdoor pools.
- Improve the computer connections between the 2 pool offices and the CRPR file server.
Facilities - Complete the renovation of 5 leased ballfields at 3 SCASD elementary schools (Jan. '04 = 60% complete)
Continue the incorporation of Thompson Woods Preserve and Stan Yoder Preserve.
Continue & improve safety inspections of park equipment. Work with municipalities to replace equipment as needed.
Continue to work with the PCC program (an application to extend the program for a 3rd consecutive year
(through June ‘05) was submitted to the state in Jan. 2004).
Continue and offer new programs & special events to increase visitations and visibility. Develop the “CRPR Explorer Series at MM Nature Center.”
Promote facility rentals (barn & pavilion) and group programs.
- Parking lots construction; landscape plantings, connecting pathways.
- Construct the demonstration "Kitchen Garden."
- Install "Marsh View" windows in the barn; replicate former barn air vents.
- Complete the entire boardwalk w/ recognition signs, install bird blind structure (s).
Complete renovation of the former garage into staff & PCC HQ.
- Artificial fen: develop engineering drawings, apply for wetland permit, proceed w/ construction.
- Wetlab: develop construction drawings and proceed.
- Develop, purchase, and install property signs (interpretive, regulatory and informational).
Continue to seek funding and program partners, interns, donations & grant funds.
Establish strategy and develop preliminary construction plans for MMNC Capital Campaign.
Transition to off-site CRPR office operations in 2003. Recruit and train the new p/t Program Assistant.
Continue promotion of Senior Center, Senior Citizen Club, and CALL programs.
As a result of increased program visits, explore the feasibility of expanding the Senior Center into the current CRPR office area in partnership with Centre County Office of Aging and the CALL organization.

Aquatics 2002 2003
Youth Swim Lesson Registrations 1,724 1,315
Adult & Special Program Registrations (Aerobics, Adult Lessons, Swim Teams, Kayaking, Triple-O Lessons, Diving, CPR, Life-guarding) 522 578
Indoor Pool Admissions - HS Nat. 2,707 1,320
Outdoor Pool Passes - Welch & PF 2,294 2,004
Outdoor Pool Visits - Welch & PF (for recreation, instruction, competition) 66,451 48,070


73,698 53,287
Adult Sports & Fitness 2002 2003
Adult League Participants (Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Outdoor Volleyball) 841 920
Adult Sport Club Visits (Volleyball, Badminton) 1,141 1,136
Adult Fitness Class Participants 443 325
Adult Tennis Lesson Participants 83 74


2,508 2,455
Youth Sports 2002 2003
Seasonal Sport Participants (Winter & Summer Basketball, Softball, Soccer, Field Hockey) 810 658
Gymnastics Participants 182 153
Judo Participants 55 49
Tennis Participants 226 330
Wrestling Participants 18 16
Track & Cross Country Participants 482 188


1,691 1,336
Day Camps / Playgrounds 2002 2003
Summer Day Camp Participants 1,096 771
Supervised Playground Participants 80 registrants at 2 sites 135 registrants at 4 sites


1,176 906

Millbrook Marsh Nature Center 2002 2003
MMNC Program Registrations 578 780
Other Visits (School & Day Care Programs, Camps, Group Programs) 2,867 3,255
MMNC Facility Rental Visits 2,334 1,164


5,779 5,199
Centre Region Senior Center 2002 2003
Noon-time Meals 2,354 2,189
Program Visits 16,218 17,981
Senior Citizen “Picnic in the Park” 56 40
Centre County Senior Games 260 participants in 9 events
(325 for the luncheon)
268 participants in 9 events
(289 for the luncheon)


18,888 20,478
Special Programs & Events 2002 2003
Ticket Sales
(Amusement Parks & Ski Resorts)
1,956 1,706
Pavilion Reservations 836 permits 935 permits
Sport Pack Rentals 55 44
Dance Lessons (Ballroom, Square, Round) 1,861 1,828
State College Area Municipal Band Concerts (Audience) 1,425 1,645
Tree Trimming for the Birds 12 35
Easter Egg Hunt 450 500
July 4th Kids on Wheels Parade Approx. 250 Approx. 260
Art-in-the-Parklet Craft Tent  (for Cent. PA Festival of Arts) 500+ 500+
Halloween Costume Parade 1,500 1,600
Dark in the Park Storytelling Cancelled - Weather 90
Spring Spruce Up Day  344 500
United Way Day Of Caring 150 at 7 sites 128 at 9 sites
Skywatch @ Tudek Park 85 (1 watch) 190 (2 watches)


9,424 9,961

The CRPR Authority is a publicly-funded, municipal agency serving 5 municipalities since 1966. The Authority also maintains 501c3 status.
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