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2002 CRPR Pricing Policy
Centre Region Parks & Recreation Board / Centre Regional Recreation Authority
Approved by the Board on 20 Nov 01 & 18 Dec 01
Signed by George Falkenstern, Chairperson


Prepared 09 Nov 01; Updated 06 Dec 01
Ronald J. Woodhead, Director

Pricing Policy Summary for 2002

This document works in conjunction with the proposed 2002 CRPR Budget, which has been approved by the five participating municipalities. User fees are an important part of the ongoing success of CRPR.

% Revenue from Fees & Charges, by fund for 2002:

Fund Name
Section T
Fund 45
Parks & Rec.
Section V
Fund 46
Section W
Fund 48
Pool Capital
Section X
Fund 49
Senior Center
Section Y
Fund 47
Nature Center*

All Funds

Total Revenue

$928,743 $320,752 $68,000 $142,989 $153,685 $1,614,169
Total Municipal Contributions $658,046 $65,131 $65,000 $85,537 $30,000 $903,714
% Rev. from Municipal Contributions 71% 20% 96% 60% 20% 56% from
municipal contributions
Balance From: 29% from
Program Fees & Pavilion Reservations
80% from
Aquatic fees
4% from
Interest Earnings
40% from
80% from
Program Fees,
& Donations
44% from
other sources

- Section U, Fund 40 Parks Capital Equipment is not shown since it is funded entirely from Fund 45 Parks & Recreation.
- If Pools and Pool Capital are combined, the 2002 percentages are: from municipal support 33%; from aquatics fees is 67%.
* includes nature center operations and capital improvements

Program Pricing Process
Staff must verify that program fees cover all related expenses. The agency will continue to promote “recreation scholarship” options to assure that programs are made available to youth unable to afford the program fees. During 2001 CRPR granted 58 fee reductions/waivers totaling $1,336.

Picnic Pavilion Reservations
Two new pavilions will be added to the list of reservable pavilions for 2002. A total of 30 pavilions are available for public use, and 16 will be available for advance reservation. Due to the increased cost of providing the reservation service and preparing the pavilions, the COG Finance Committee has proposed that the reservation fees be increased by $5 for 2002. The fees were last adjusted for the 1998 picnic season.

Millbrook Marsh Nature Center
In view of the ongoing improvements to facilities available, refine the facility rental and program service rates, provide for the rental of the picnic pavilion (page 7).

Centre Region Senior Center
Just as in 2001, a donation of $10 per meeting will be requested from each group for after-hour use of a meeting room. The proceeds from those donations will be used only to improve program operations at the Senior Center.

Aquatics (page 10)
A major restructuring of the fee policy is proposed for the outdoor pools for 2002.
           Daily Admission:
                          - charge $2.50 per person for children age 1-10 (formerly $3.00)
                          - charge $3.50 per person for swimmers age 11+ (formerly $3.00)
                          - continue the Adult Non-swimmer Fee of $1.00 per person
           Season Passes for Ages 1-10 and 65+: increase from $20 R / $30 NR
to $25 R / $38 NR.
           Season Passes for Ages 6-64 : increase from $40 R / $60 NR to $45 R / $68 NR.
           Provide for a $5.00 discount for all “Early Bird” season passes purchased through 30 Apr 02.
           Reinstate the “After 5pm Family Swim” admission rate of $2.50 per person (not offered in 2001).
           Continue the Group Admission Rate with an increased rate of $2.75 for ages 11+ (was $2.50).
           Reinstate the 10-Visit Pack with a resident rate of $31.50 (vs. $35 for 10 daily admissions).
           Pool Private Group Rental Rates: increase the hourly pool rates for each pool (page 13)
           Friday Night Swim at the HS Natatorium (for 90 minutes): increase the fee to $3.50 per person, effective 9/2002.

Other Services
No changes are proposed to 2002 fees (page 16).

End of 2002 Policy Summary

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            For 2002 the agency will continue the existing process used by CRPR staff to calculate program and league fees. In essence, program and league fees are established based upon an examination of all costs involved with offering that program or league. With the number of special events and low-cost programs offered, each program may not cover expenses, but as a group the programs are self-supporting.

• The pricing process for each program includes identifying direct costs (personnel, transportation, supplies) and indirect costs (facility expenses, insurance, publicity, overhead, etc.). Overall, program participants are asked to bear the cost for individual services (i.e., pay as you go). However, an important component of determining the program fee is to review the fee history for that program. Given the many recreation opportunities in the region, coupled with the fact that CRPR is a public agency, the agency intends to keep the fees competitive. Since the fee is a function of costs as well as the planned number of participants, staff will strive to keep the number of participants appropriate for a quality experience and the fees as low as possible.

• The resultant program or league fee establishes the “Resident rate.” The Resident rate applies only to residents of the 5 participating COG Parks & Recreation municipalities (State College Borough, College Twp., Ferguson Twp., Harris Twp., and Patton Twp.). The Nonresident rate has been previously-established by Board action at 150% of the Resident rate (Resident rate + 50%).

• In the case of aquatic instructional programs held at the High School Natatorium, before 2000 the residents of Halfmoon Twp. were included in the Resident rate, since they had contributed to school district capital costs through their SCASD real estate taxes. (Halfmoon Twp. does not cooperate in funding CRPR operational costs). In view of the increased fees that were implemented by SCASD to recover pool operational costs, the CRPR Fee Policy provided that Halfmoon Township residents were to be charged the nonresident rates for CRPR aquatic programs held at the HS Pool after 01 July 00. This policy will continue for 2002.

• Recreation services are especially valuable to youth. Any adjustment in fees requires that the agency take steps to accommodate those individuals that would benefit from our services, but cannot afford the respective fees. In view of agency budget limitations, for 2001 the Board authorized the Director to waive any amount of the fee for youth as necessary, and wished to:
- use the School Lunch Program as a measure of need, and
- encourage the development of an endowment-type fund, seeking special Gifts-For-Park donations for recreation scholarships. During 2001 CRPR granted 58 fee reductions/waivers totaling $1,336. This policy will continue for 2002.

• Volunteer coaches are very important to the success of our youth sports programs. Therefore, the registration fee for one youngster per household will continue to be waived if their parent serves as a volunteer team coach for that program. This is intended only as a gesture of thanks from the agency, rather than a payment for volunteering.

• With respect to adult league operations, the Recreation Supervisor will not prepare or distribute a league playing schedule that contains a team that has not paid in full. This policy was initiated in 2000 and will continue.

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             At the suggestion of the COG Finance Committee, it is proposed that the agency increase by $5 the reservation fees for pavilions. The agency rates were last changed in 1998 (to a $30 rate for those pavilions in parks with flush toilets, and $25 for those in parks with portable toilets). Prior to 1998, designated pavilions could be reserved for $20. A chart of all current pavilions and amenities is listed on Page 6.

• The rate covers the pavilion reservation for the time period (start time to end time within one day) that the group leader specifies for the permit at the time of application. It is a “per event” rate, not a “per day” rate.

Year # of
Reservable Pavilions
# of Event
Reservations Issued
Fee per
Reserved Event
1997 7 558 $20
1998 10 634 @ $25/ $30
1999 11 832 @ $25/ $30
2000 11 849 @ $25/ $30
2001 14 875 @ $25/ $30
2002 16 - @ $30/ $35

             All park pavilions may be used at no charge if the facility is not reserved in advance by another group. The fee is charged for the privilege of reserving a picnic pavilion in advance. Specifically, permits issued for the 6½ -month 2001 pavilion season included the following total reservations for each pavilion:

             Blue Spring                                 17                      Spring Creek #1 (upstream)        152

             Holmes-Foster #1 (upper)           85                      Spring Creek #2 (downstream)   142

             Holmes-Foster #2 (lower)           48                      Spring Creek #3 (Walker Trt.)    11

             Graysdale                                    9                        Sunset #1 (right)                         111

             Homestead                                  8                        Sunset #2 (left)                           92

             Lederer                                       32                      Tudek                                          123

             Orchard                                       40                      PF Pool Pavilion                         5

                                                                                                        2001 Total                  875 permits

             Pavilion permit revenue for 2001 will total $20,410 @ $25 or $30 per event. Of the 875 reservations in 2001, 690 of the permits were paid, 135 were reserved for CRPR activities, and 50 were reserved for SCASD uses.

             During 2002, 16 park pavilions (including the one pool pavilion and the new pavilion at the nature center) will be available for advance reservation; 14 other pavilions are not reservable in advance. The agency continues to use the computerized facility reservation system of the SportsLog database, which was placed into operation in January 1998. Prior to that time each reservation and the weekly calendars were prepared manually.

For 2001 the agency implemented a policy where payment-in-full was due at the time the reservation was made (via credit card over the phone or in-person payment at the counter). If necessary, the person who makes the reservation can then take care of any necessary reimbursements from their company or organization. This policy has worked out very well and will be continued for 2002.

The information on the bottom of the Page 6 lists those 14 pavilions that are not reservable. Generally, the non-reservable pavilions do not have sufficient supporting facilities to accommodate regional group events.

• The park pavilion rental fee for State College Area School District-sponsored groups will continue to be waived for Monday through Friday (daytime and evening) uses during the school year (from 14-days prior to the opening of school through the last day of school for students). Uses at other times will be charged the standard fee. The fee waiver does not include uses (or pavilion rentals) at Millbrook Marsh Nature Center or at the outdoor pools.
During 2000, the fees for 40 pavilion reservation permits were waived for SCASD ($1,200).
During 2001, the fees for 50 pavilion reservation permits were waived for SCASD ($1,505).

With regard to SCASD events on municipal park facilities that go beyond pavilion use, the District will be invoiced to recover incurred maintenance & staff costs directly associated with the event. The Large Group Event policy will apply to school events held on all municipal and Authority properties.

• Since the agency deals with so many nonprofit groups, civic groups, and sport club groups, and since the pavilion reservation fees are so reasonable (in terms of a per-person cost), the agency does not expect to waive or reduce pavilion fees for groups, except as provided in the Park-Partners Policy for workday events.

• At this time the agency is not proposing differential rates (or definitions) for “nonresident groups.” Nor is it proposed to delay the application period by nonresident groups (i.e., where resident groups would be permitted to reserve pavilions starting Jan. 2, while nonresident groups may reserve a pavilion starting March 1). At this point all groups will be able to apply for a reservation on the first business day of the new year, and all are charged the standard permit fee. These restrictions may be proposed in future years.

• The Board approved a “Large Group Event Policy” for regional parks in April 1999, which apply to group activities in all municipal parks depending on the size of the group for the event.

• For 2001 the Board authorized a supplemental $5.00 Electrical Fee to be charged if the group wishes to request access to electricity as part of their event (at pavilions with electrical service). Access to the electrical box in the pavilions is possible only with advance notice to the CRPR office.

16 Municipal Picnic Pavilions Available for 2002 Reservations

Municipality Park Name Fee per
Max. Group No. of
Harris Twp. 1. Blue Spring Park $30 48 6 Portable No



2. Lederer Park (includes use of 2 pavilions) $30 96 12 total Portable No
3. Holmes-Foster Park Pavilion #1 (Upper) $35 128 16 Flush Yes
4. Holmes-Foster Park Pavilion #2 (Lower) $35 128 16 Flush Yes
5. Orchard Park $35 128 16 Flush No
6. Sunset Park Pavilion #1 (Right) $35 128 16 Flush No
7. Sunset Park Pavilion #2 (Left) $35 96 12 Flush No
8. Spring Creek Park Pavilion #1 (Upstream) $35 80 10 Flush No
9. Spring Creek Park Pavilion #2 (Downstream) $35 80 10 Flush No
10. Spring Creek Park Pavilion #3 (Walker Trt.) $30 32 4 Portable No
11. Millbrook Marsh Nature Center Pavilion $30 64 8 Portable No
Ferguson Township 12. Homestead Park $30 64 8 Portable No
13. Tom Tudek Memorial Park $35 128 16 Flush No


14. Graysdale Park $30 96 12 Portable No
15. Haugh Tract Park (3225 Circleville Rd.) $30 96 12 Portable No
16. Park Forest Swimming Pool $35* 64 8 Flush Yes

* plus pool admissions

14 Municipal Park Pavilions are available at no charge for Public Uses (without reservations):
State College Borough:             Smithfield Park, Tusseyview Park
College Twp.:                            Dalevue Park, Slab Cabin Park (w/ 2 pavilions)
Ferguson Twp.:                         Fairbrook Park, Meadows, Suburban Park, Greenbriar-Saybrook Park
Harris Twp.:                              Fasick Park, Kaywood Park, Nittany View Park
Patton Twp.:                              Oakwood Park, Woodycrest Park

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Millbrook Marsh Nature Center

As recommended by the MMNC Advisory Committee on 21 Nov 01

             Visitors to the nature center are important to the growth of the center, and the first priority is to encourage those uses without endangering the visitor, the resource, or the facilities. Group or organizational uses of the facility present the greatest potential for both positive nature center visibility and, unfortunately, damages and injuries. The purpose of this section is to establish group policies and fees for the facility and program services.

             The policies and fees are subject to change by the Centre Regional Recreation Authority as nature center facilities are improved. A group is defined as an organized, non-family body of people consisting of 8 or more individuals. Note that the current Centre Region Code Agency-approved “inside capacity” of the barn is 40 people per floor. The standard fees listed below do not include any type of fund-raising event (see next page). The facilities are available April-Oct. only, except by special permission of the CRPR Director.

Nature Center Facility and Group Program Fees:

1. Use of Grounds Only (No Program or Instructional Services):

to include use of the picnic tables, portable toilets, drinking fountain, parking, and trash removal only. This option permits no use of or access to buildings, interior equipment, the telephone, or any shelter in case of rain. The picnic pavilion may only be used if it is not reserved by another group. In view of the size of the marsh area, the agency may grant permits for more than one group per time depending on the activity and area of use.

Fee: No charge for up to 40 people at one time. However, advance notice to CRPR is required in order to avoid a scheduling conflict with a group who may be renting use of the Pavilion or the “Barn and Grounds.” Further, if the group number exceeds 40, the group must request a “Pavilion” or “Barn & Grounds” rental.

2. Use of Picnic Pavilion Only (No Program or Instructional Services):

In line with other CRPR pavilion reservations, the reservation fee for the nature center pavilion is $30 per event per day, and payable at the time the reservation is made. A maximum group size of 64 applies to the pavilion. The pavilion may be used at no charge if it is not reserved by another group.

3. Use of Barn & Grounds (No Program or Instructional Services):

to include access to and use of the main floor of barn, plus all features of the “Grounds Only” reservation.
             Fee: Up to 2 hours per day (minimum): $35.00, payable in advance
                          Hourly Rental after 2 hour minimum: $15.00 per hour, payable in advance
These fees above are for up to 40 people on-site. A $5.00 per event surcharge will be made if the group numbers 41 or more on-site. In no case may occupancy of the barn exceed 40 people per floor at any time. The renting group is guaranteed exclusive use of the main floor-level in the barn. The starting time shall be considered as that time when the barn is requested by the group to be opened for access. The ending time shall be considered as that time when the barn may be locked up or ready for another rental. With a barn rental, no use of the pavilion is permitted; however it may be reserved separately.

4. Program & Instructional Services for Groups can be provided if requested at least 3-weeks prior to the rental date.

● If the group selects one of the “Special MMNC Group Programs” presented by MMNC staff, the only fee is a $3.50 per participant program fee (the facility rental fee for either the barn or the pavilion will be waived). The facility for the program (either the barn or the pavilion) will be determined by the Site Coordinator. If the group wishes to utilize a second facility, that facility may be reserved by the group at the rates listed above.

Any student or child who attends the program with the group must be registered, including siblings or friends who are present with the group. A charge of $4.50 per person will be due on-site for any extra participants in the program. Adults are not charged for youth programs. Groups of more than 25 will be scheduled for multiple program sessions as determined by CRPR staff. Group leaders should call Centre Region Parks & Recreation for more information and scheduling. An estimated fee for this service must be paid in full at least 7 days prior to the event. All final payments are payable immediately after the event.

● If the group does not desire to have a standard group program, the facility rates (above) apply to the event, and a program fee will be calculated to recover all costs for planning, materials, instructors, and cleanup. Payment in full will be due at least 7 days prior to the event.

•Groups should have at least one adult per ten children, or as determined by the CRPR staff. Group participants under the age of 5 must be accompanied by an adult unless they are visiting as part of a school group.

•All uses of the facility must end at dusk, except by written permission of the Director of Parks and Recreation.

•The Director is authorized to require the group to provide a Certificate of Insurance for the proposed event(s), listing Centre Region Parks & Recreation and Centre Region Parks & Recreation Authority as an additional insured. The appropriate types and amounts of coverages shall be determined by Centre Region Parks & Recreation.

•Centre Region Parks & Recreation may specify permitted use-areas, schedules, and all activity locations that are in the best interest of the nature center. In addition, CRPR may establish the level of training required of group leaders to conduct any activities in the marsh, or may require that a CRPR staff member accompany the group. The costs for this leadership shall be added to the facility rental fee.

•All proposed activities must conform to the lease agreement with Penn State, as well as any agreements that may be made with nature center partners.

• For 2002, staff will prepare an organizational plan for a “Friends of Millbrook” group in cooperation with the MMNC Advisory Committee. Fees and charges for group activities will be presented to the MMNC Advisory Committee and the Authority for approval prior to implementation. Costs for this project must be self-supporting.

Fund-raising Events at Millbrook Marsh Nature Center:
A fund-raising event is defined as any activity which generates revenue in excess of the costs involved with that particular program or event. Any group may apply for a fund-raising event permit no less than 60 days prior to the planned event, by submitting a written request to Centre Region Parks & Recreation for review. The request shall provide all information regarding the event or program. The Director shall obtain approval of the Centre Regional Recreation Authority at a regularly-scheduled meeting for each request of this type. The permit fee, which shall be determined by the Director and approved by the Authority, will reimburse the nature center for all costs involved (in addition to the fees listed above).

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             Most programs offered at the Senior Center are led by volunteers or interns, so no fee is charged to participants. Senior Center programs (daytime) utilizing the PC Learning Lab are charged a rate of $1.00 per person per hour in order to help offset computer supplies and maintenance costs. Starting in 2001, all groups were requested to provide, in addition to the $25 security deposit, a donation to the Senior Center in the amount of $10 per meeting. All funds raised from donations are available for use only on Senior Center programs and projects. Currently the following groups utilize the center for evening or weekend meetings:

GROUP NAME: 2000 Uses
(at no charge)
2001 Uses
(donation requested)
2002 Projected Uses
(donation requested)
Volunteer Tax Assistance 22 19 20

The Aids Project 

37 22 25
Wellspring Youth Offenders Program 38 6 6
Sight Loss Support 6 6 6
S.C. Bird Club 3 2 2
Housing Transitions Inc. 2 0 0
Sierra Club 2 0 1
Toastmasters 1 4 3
S.C. Community Land Trust 1 0 1
C.R. Bike Coalition 1 1 1
Peace Center 0 2 3
Special Olympics 0 2 2
Ombudsman (Centre County) 0 4 5
TOTAL 113 in 2000 68 in 2001 75 in 2002

The additional costs with these uses involve utilities, limited additional custodial work, and the staff making arrangements for the reservation and the door key. The success of the new 2001 policy was limited . . . only 5 meetings (from 5 groups) out of the 68 uses elected to provide a $10 donation. 2001 donations for use of the Senior Center totaled $50. It is recommended by staff that the 2001 policy be continued in 2002.

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Park Forest Community Swimming Pool & Wm. Welch Community Swimming Pool
For 2002 the Centre Region Parks & Recreation Authority will:

• retain the policies that:

(1) all entrants (swimmers, non-swimmers, sunbathers, etc.) must pay an entrance fee (via daily admission or season pass). Of course, someone entering only to find a patron or drop off an article will not be charged. Non-swimming accompanying adults (not dressed in swimwear) will be admitted at $1.00 per person.

(2) Entrance fees (daily admissions & season passes) are not eligible for refunds or credits, and Season Passes are not transferable.

(3) All entrants age 10 & under must be accompanied by a responsible adult (age 16+).

• revise the daily admission fee from $3.00 per person (resident and nonresident) to:

             $2.50 for age 1-10                       $3.50 for age 11+

• reinstate the “After 5pm” admission fee at $2.50 for all ages (was $2.00 in 2000; not offered in 2001).

• increase the Group Admission Rate (for ages 11+) to $2.75 (was $2.00 in 2000; $2.50 in 2001).

• restructure the 2002 season pass categories in line with the Daily Admission age categories:

             Age 1-10           $25 R / $38 N                Birth years 1992-2001

             Age 11-64         $45 R / $68 N                Birth years 1938-1991

             Age 65+            $25 R / $38 N                Birth years 1937 and earlier

• reinstate the 10-Visit Pack at $31.50 for residents only (= 10% discount off 10 daily admissions)

(to be available in 2002 for residents, age 11-64 only). Each admission ticket may be used by a different person.

             Sold in 1998:    356 ten packs

             Sold in 1999:    278 ten packs

             Sold in 2000:    218 ten packs ($27 R / $30 NR in 2000)

             Not offered in 2001

• increase from $3.00 to $3.50 the per person fee for the CRPR Friday Night Swim at the High School Natatorium (90 minutes), effective Fall 2002.

• continue to calculate aquatic program fees in accordance with the Program Budget Worksheet, discussed earlier.

• For all “early-bird” pass purchasers (Jan. 1 - April 30, 2002), the agency will provide a $5.00 discount on the 2002 season pass prices. The “Pool Buck” Coupon will not be offered.

• Due to the revised age groups, patrons wishing to purchase 2002 Season Passes during 2001 will be issued Gift Certificates in the amount of the 2002 rates. They will be eligible for the $5.00 discount if they purchase their passed through Apr. 30, 2002.

The fee increases are in response to increased costs to operate the pools (labor, chemicals, natural gas), as well as for improvements and repairs made.

Daily Entrance Fees for Park Forest & Wm. Welch Pools:

Daily Entrance Fees for Wm. Welch Pool & Park Forest Pool: 1996
Daily Entrance Fee
(under Age 1 yr. free)
$ 2.25 $ 2.25 $ 2.50 $ 2.50 $3.00 $3.00 $2.50 1-10yr
$3.50 11+yr
Group Admission Fee
(Per the Group Fee Policy)
$ 1.25 $ 1.25 $ 1.25 $ 1.75 $2.00 $2.50 $2.50 1-10yr
$2.75 11+ yr
After 5:00pm Fee $ 1.25 $ 1.25 $ 1.25 $ 1.25 $2.00 Not offered $2.50

Season Pass Fees for Park Forest & Wm. Welch Pools:

Season Pass Fees
for Wm. Welch Pool & Park Forest Pool:
R / N
R / N
R / N
R / N
R / N
R / N
R / N
Under 1 year old n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c
A. Age 1 - 5 $ 8 / $12 $ 9 / $14 $12 / $18 $15/$22.50 $18 / $27 $20 / $30 Age 1-10 1
$25 / $38
B. Age 6 - 64 $31 /$47 $32 / $48 $33 / $50 $34 / $51 $36 / $54 $40 / $60 Age 11-64 2
$45 / $68
C. Age 65 + $ 8 / $12 $ 9 / $14 $12 / $18 $15/$22.50 $18 / $27 $20 / $30 $25 / $38 3
Early Bird Incentive: (available for the first
4 household members,
R and NR )
$ 2.00
May 24 for Type B passes only.
$ 3.00 before April 30
for Type B passes only
$5.00 Aquatic Fee Coupon through
April 30 for Type A, B, C passes.
$5.00 Aquatic Fee Coupon through
April 30 for Type A, B, C passes.
Thru 12/31/99: ‘99 prices w/ $5 Aquatic Coupon.
1/1-4/30: ‘00 prices + coupon.
12/31/00: ‘00 prices w/ $5 Aquatic Coupon.
1/1-4/30: ‘01 prices + coupon.
Reduced $5.00
(R & N)
Family Rate R / N
(must all reside at
same household)
5th and up
5th and up
5th & up
(No coupon)
5th & up
(No coupon)
5th & up
(No coupon)
5th & up
(No coupon)
5th & up
(No discount)
10-Visit Pack
(for ages 11-64 only)
$20.00 $20.00 $20.00 $22.00 $27/$30 Not offered $31.50 R
$35.00 N
HS Natatorium
General Swim
$ 2.00
Fall ‘96
$ 2.00 $ 2.00 $2.50
Fall ‘99
Fall ‘00
$3.00 $3.50
Fall ‘02.

Resident rates are for residents of CRPR-participating municipalities.

1. Birth Years 1992-2001
2. Birth Years 1938-1991
3. Birth Years 1937 & earlier

Note: as in 2001 . . .

● All entrants age 10 & under (born in 1992 or later) must be accompanied by a responsible adult (age 16+).
● Non-swimming adults (not attired in swimwear) will be admitted at a rate of $1.00 per person.
● The agency will hold a FREE SWIM DAY
at both pools on Saturday, June 1, 2002. The purpose of the Free Swim Day is to promote use of the pools and program registrations.

● A “Pool Pass Photo Day” will be held on Sat. May 18, 2002.

             With regard to season pass fees, a common comparison is to determine how many daily admission visits it takes to pay for a season pass, and then also compare this with the 10-visit pack price. Note that during a typical summer the pools are open for 100 days, weather-permitting.

In this table: R = Resident of a participating municipality; N = non-participating municipality.

Year Season Pass Fees Daily
# of Visits for Payoff 10-Visit
Age 6-64
Toddler & Sr.
Age 6-64
1995 $29 R
($44 N)
$7 R
($10 N)
$2.25 13 visits R
(20 N)
3 visits R
(5 N)
1996 $31 R
($47 N)
$8 R
($12 N)
$2.25 14 visits R
(21 N)
4 visits R
(6 N)
1997 $32 R
($48 N)
$9 R
($14 N)
$2.25 14 visits R
(22 N)
4 visits R
(7 N)
1998 $33 R
($50 N)
$12 R
($18 N)
$2.50 13 visits R
(20 N)
5 visits R
(8 N)
1999 $34 R
($51 N)
$15 R
($18 N)
$2.50 14 visits R
(21 N)
6 visits R
(8 N)
2000 $36 R
($54 N)
$18 R
($27 N)
$3.00 12 visits R
(18 N)
6 visits R
(9 N)
$27. R
($30 N)
2001 $40 R
($60 N)
$20 R
($30 N)
$3.00 14 visits R
(20 N)
7 visits R
(10 N)
Not offered
2002 Age 11-64
$45 R
($68 N)
Age 1-10, 65+
( $38 N)
Age 1-10 $2.50
Age 11+ $3.50
Age 11-64
13 visits R
(19 N)

Age 1-10
10 visits R
(15 N)
Age 65+
7 visits R
(11 N)

$31.50 R
($35 N)
for ages
11-64 only

* The Daily Admission Fee applies to residents and nonresidents.

Aquatic Program Fees

Fees for regular CRPR programs will be calculated by using the Program Budget Worksheet. Per established Board policy, nonresidents (including Halfmoon Twp. residents), are charged 150% of the resident rate.

Birthday Party Area Rates (Welch and Park Forest Pools):

  2000 & 2001 2002
Party Area w/ tables
at the 2 outdoor pools
$10.00 / table per 2 hr. session + all pool admissions. 2 Tables $15.00 for 2 tables
+ all pool admissions.

2002 Private Group Rental Rates (Welch and Park Forest Pools):

2002 Pool Rental Rates Park Forest Pool* Welch Pool**
Up to 50 People $75.00 / 1st hour $100.00 / 1st hour
51 to 100 People $90.00 / 1st hour $125.00 / 1st hour
101 to 150 People $105.00 / 1st hour $150.00 / 1st hour
2nd hour rate $50.00 $75.00

*The pool rental at PF Pool includes use of the pavilion.
** The pool rental at Welch Pool includes use of the slide.

The estimated rental fee must be paid in full no less than 7 days prior to the event date; otherwise, the rental will not be scheduled. Final payments based upon actual attendance are due immediately after the event.

The pools are available for rentals starting at 8:00pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings (after the regular closing time of 8:00pm.) All rentals must end no later than 10:00pm.

Minimum Rental: 1 Hour (If over 1 hour, total time charged will be for full hours only.)

The provisions of the CRPR Large Group Event Policy will apply for rentals involving more than 100 people.

The proper forms must be completed for all pool rentals.

Picnic Pavilion at Park Forest Pool:

In line with the other 15 regional picnic pavilions that may be reserved, the pavilion inside Park Forest Swimming Pool may be rented and reserved at a rate of $35 for the event, during regular pool hours. However, in addition to the rental fee, all pavilion users (including non-swimmers) must pay the standard admission fee, use their season pass, or use 10-Visit Pack tickets. A special information sheet about renting the PF Pool Pavilion in 2002 will again be available. The Pool Rental process (above) will apply to any pavilion rentals after normal pool hours.

For 2001, the Board authorized a promotion during the months of June and July where pavilion event guests (maximum of 64) would be provided in advance with pool admission tickets at a promotional rate of $1.00 per person (+ $30 for the pavilion rental). The tickets would be required for both swimmers and non-swimmers, and would be paid in advance and provided to the group leader prior to the rental. The discounted tickets would only be valid during the times of the pavilion rental.

For 2002, the same policy is proposed for June only, noting that the pavilion rental fee has increased to $35. The pavilion was regularly used by visitors during 2002, and rented 6 times during the pool season. The proper forms must be completed for all reservations.


Park Forest Community Swimming Pool
Welch Community Swimming Pool

The 2002 CRPR Pricing Policy includes:

             • Daily Admission Rates of $2.50 per person (Age 1-10) and $3.50 per person (age 11+),

             • Season Passes (Resident /Nonresident): Age 1-10 and Age 65+: $25 / $38         Age 11-64: $45 / $68

             • 10-Visit Packs for ages 11-64 only at $31.50 R ($35 for non-residents)

             • A non-swimming (and not attired in swimwear) chaperone rate of $1.00 per person

             • An “After 5:00pm” Admission Rate of $2.50 per person (for all ages)

        • Group Admission Rates of:

$2.50 per person           Age 1-10 (birth years 1992-2001), and

$2.75 per person           Age 11+ (birth years 1991 and earlier).

If an organization requests the Group Admission Rate, the request will be considered with the following provisions:

• In the interest of safety, groups must schedule all swim dates & times at least 24 hours in advance with the Aquatics Supervisor. Generally, no more than three groups of up to 35 members each will be admitted to each pool at one time, except with the express approval of the Aquatics Supervisor. The Pool Staff may decline admission of any unscheduled groups at the Group Admission Rate.

• A group is defined as a non-family party consisting of at least 10 persons, including supervisors and leaders.

• An organization may send no more than 35 group-members (including supervisors) at any one time onto pool grounds for an afternoon period,

• The 35 group-members from that organization may stay on pool grounds no longer than 2 hours

(i.e., 1:00 to 3:00pm, 3:00 to 5:00pm). The 2 hour period includes the 15-minute Adult Swim Periods at 2:00, 3:00, and 4:00pm. The Group Admission Rates are not available for admission after 5:00pm.

• The group supervisors must accompany and actively supervise the swimmers during the entire period. At least one supervisor must be present for each 10 children.

• All entrants related to the group will be included in the calculation of the group admission fee at $2.50 & $2.75 per person (i.e., supervisors, chaperones, group leaders, babysitters, parents, swimmers & non-swimmers), except non-swimming chaperones, not attired in swimwear, will be admitted @ $1.00.

             This policy applies to all groups and organizations, including CRPR camp programs. No group of up to 35 may stay for more than 2 hours. The maximum time per day is 2 hours per swimmer-group (vs.2-hoursperorganization). If the organization has more than 35 children, they may choose to rotate groups of up to 35 into the pool, reduce their pool time to accommodate their schedule, or rotate the days per week that a particular group would visit the pool. Group Admission fees are not eligible for refund or credit.

             The group leader will log-in (and log-out) with the Pool Cashier, certify the group count and age groups for each visit, sign the invoice for payment of the appropriate entrance fees (terms: net 10 days), and be responsible for the conduct and the 2-hour (maximum) schedule of the group on pool grounds. Group Leaders are required to actively supervise group members at all times. Groups who abuse the supervision policies, pool conduct rules, invoice payments, or the time limits may be suspended from using the pools by the Head Lifeguards, Aquatics Supervisor, or the Director. This policy was adopted in response to pool customer concerns, and to provide a fair trade off for the reduced group entrance rates. No time restrictions will apply to groups if they purchase standard daily admissions, 10-visit packs or individual season passes.

2002 Summer Swim Schedule
As of 21 Nov 01

Please note that a 2002 Season Pass is valid at either pool.
All times are “weather-permitting” and are also subject to change pending the SCASD Calendar.

Day / Date
Park Forest Community Pool
2100 School Drive, Patton Twp.
238-4515 (in-season)
Wm. L. Welch Community Pool
670 Westerly Parkway, S.C.
237-3964 (in-season)
Sat. May 18
(rain or shine)
Pool Pass Photo Day (10:00am - 4:00pm)
Both pool offices (only) will be open for season pass purchases and photos.
Sat. May 25 Closed for Staff Training
Sun. May 26 -
Mon. May 27
General Swim 12:00 noon -5:00pm
Family Swim 5:00-8:00pm
Adult Lap Swim 7:00-8:00pm
Tue. May 28 -
Thu. May 30
School Day Schedule
General Swim 12:00 noon -5:00pm
Family Swim 5:00-8:00pm
Adult Lap Swim 7:00-8:00pm

School Day Schedule
General Swim 3:00pm-8:00pm
Adult Lap Swim 7:00-8:00pm

Fri. May 31 School Day Schedule
General Swim 3:00pm-8:00pm
Adult Lap Swim 7:00-8:00pm
Sat. June 1 -
Sun. June 2
General Swim 12:00 noon -5:00pm
Family Swim 5:00-8:00pm
Adult Lap Swim 7:00-8:00pm
NOTE: Saturday, June 1 is a “Free Swim Day” at both pools!
Mon. June 3 -
Wed. June 5
(Current Final
School Day)
School Day Schedule *
General Swim 12:00 noon -5:00pm
Family Swim 5:00-8:00pm
Adult Lap Swim 7:00-8:00pm
School Day Schedule *
General Swim 3:00pm-8:00pm
Adult Lap Swim 7:00-8:00pm
2002 Regular Season Hours: Thursday, June 6* - Monday, Sept. 2 Labor Day
2002 Park Forest Community Pool Wm. L. Welch Community Pool
WEEKDAYS Adult Lap Swim: 12:00-12:45pm
General Swim: 1:00-5:00pm
 Family Swim: 5:00-8:00pm
Adult Lap Swim: 7:00-8:00pm
(+ 7/04 & 9/02)
Adult Lap Swim: 11:00-11:45 noon
General Swim: Noon-8:00pm
Adult Lap Swim: 7:00-8:00pm

* The School Day Schedule may be extended due to any additional makeup days required by SCASD.

• The weekday lunchtime Adult Lap Swim at both pools will start on the first day of the Regular Season hours (currently June 6). The evening lap swim times will be available on prior weekdays, as noted above.

• During the regular season, either Park Forest Pool or Welch Pool may be closed on Tuesday or Thursday evenings for scheduled swim meets. When a swim meet is scheduled for one pool, the other pool will be open (weather-permitting) for the Adult Lap Swim and the Family Swim on that evening.

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Show Wagon Rental:
In late-1999 the “CRPR Show Wagon” (a flat-bed wagon used as a mobile-stage) was rebuilt. A rental fee of $40 was initiated for the Show Wagon during 2001, and will be continued for 2002. It may only be used by non-profit groups, and only as a stage or performance platform. Any use by commercial groups is prohibited, as is any use as a parade float. The $40 fee must be paid prior to the day of delivery, and includes one delivery trip and one pickup trip for the rental. Any movement of the Show Wagon by CRPR staff during a multi-day event would be made with a Moving Fee of $20. Any necessary cleanup of the Show Wagon after the event (remove trash, staples, nails, etc.) would result in Cleanup Fee of $20. Finally, the cost of any repairs necessary as a result of the rental would be invoiced to the group.

“Sport Pack” Picnic Kits:
As a public service, the agency has provided duffle-bags (containing sports equipment) to requesting groups or individuals. In view of the staff and equipment costs to provide this service, it is proposed that the agency continue the successful rental policies started in 1998:
-offer one Sport Pack to groups for use at paid pavilion reservation events at no charge, with a refundable deposit of $10/group. If additional sport packs are required for the renting group, they may be rented per below.
-rent a Sport Pack to other groups for private or public uses at $5 each, plus a refundable deposit of $10 / group.

Holiday Costumes:
The Agency will rent out the Santa Claus and Easter Bunny suits to residents of participating COG municipalities (for non-commercial uses only) for a rental fee of $20 for a 48 hour period, plus a $40 refundable deposit.

Club Partner Services:
In accordance with existing guidelines, CRPR currently “partners” with several club-type organizations:

             - State College Area Municipal Band                   - S.C. Singles Club                 - Scottish Country Dancers

             - Centre Squares (square and round dancing)    - Badminton Club                  - Central PA. Observers (Astronomy Club)

- State College Area Senior Citizen Club

Club activities, whether sponsored by the agency or not, provide an important asset to regional leisure services. These affiliations represent a partnership that helps both the club and regional residents. Since recreation services are largely a collection of activity-specific interests, encouraging club events is an important way to provide and promote that activity. Clubs may be affiliated with CRPR to assist with publicity, assist with coordinating School District facilities, or for financial assistance in order to provide club services to audiences (i.e., Municipal Band). As part of the 1999 Fee Policy, the club-partnership policies were amended to include:

•That each club is encouraged to set up and maintain a finance system that is independent of CRPR.

•If club operations require a net cost to CRPR, that each sponsored-club will submit for CRPR approval a proposed budget of income and expenses for the upcoming calendar year. The schedule for submitting the proposed budget will be determined by the Director of Parks & Recreation.

•That any expense greater than $100 that will be charged to CRPR and is listed in the approved club budget, shall bereviewed and approved by the agency in advance of the purchase. The purpose of this policy is to assure compliance with the COG Purchasing Policy.

•That publicity that is generated by the club includes promotion of the partnership with CRPR.

•That each club provide to CRPR quarterly (rather than monthly) written participation reports.

•That each club be encouraged to generate revenues or private sponsors to cover club and activity expenditures. This practice would then mirror staff actions with regard to pricing all agency programs and leagues. Agency staff will work with club leaders to assist with this transition.

The CRPR Authority is a publicly-funded, municipal agency serving 5 municipalities since 1966. The Authority also maintains 501c3 status.
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