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An agency of the Centre Region Council of Governments, State College, PA 16801
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2001 Goals
Centre Region Parks & Recreation
Approved by the CRPR Board on 20 Feb 01

Ongoing program & facility operations (including parks, senior center, nature center, pools).

Study options and costs for internet transactions for CRPR registrations & reservations.

Complete Aquatic Feasibility Study, seek approvals, and implement recommendations.

Millbrook Marsh Nature Center Projects:

      • hire/train new Site Coordinator (seasonal position) for program operations.
      • parking lots project.
      • boardwalk project.
      • PA. Conservation Corps grant project (for 1 year, if approved)

Train new Aquatics Supervisor (Kim M. Castel started 22 Jan 01).

Train new Rec. Supervisor for Fitness & Sports (Jeff R. Hall will start 26 Feb 01).

Search and apply for available grants for maintenance and operations, as well as for regional capital projects. Assist municipal staffs with regard to grant applications for municipal park developments and improvements.

Since COG-CRPR was originally developed as a "maintenance and programming" agency rather than as a "development & operations" agency, continue coordination with municipalities regarding expanded and/or improving municipal parks. However, it has also been suggested that there is also a need to explore the function, implications, and development of a Regional Park Plan (to prioritize municipal grant requests and to fund acquisitions and capital improvements in "regional" parks).

Incorporate the new municipal park areas into regional maintenance during 2001 (Haugh Tract, Greenbriar-Saybrook Park, and the expanded facilities at Orchard Park).

Continue discussions on a Regional Sport Field Facility in cooperation with SCASD, PSU, community groups, and potential sponsors.

Prepare and propose an Operations Agreement for renovation and maintenance of selected school district sport fields.

Refine and improve the Coordinative Facility Scheduling Process with community recreation groups for municipal parks and school districts areas.

Work with College Twp. and State College Borough on a Management Plan & any planned facilities at Thompson Woods tract.

Work with College Twp. and SCASD on development of a Master Plan for a possible municipal park facility adjacent to Houserville Elem. School.

Restructure Summer Supervised Playgrounds.

Continue to promote donations, sponsorships, private funding, park partners, and gifts to benefit CRPR facilities, leagues, & programs (including the nature center and the Remembrance Tree program).

Explore, in cooperation with Centre Regional Planning Agency and municipal officials, the maintenance, promotion, and expansion of the regional bike trail network.


The CRPR Authority is a publicly-funded, municipal agency serving 5 municipalities since 1966. The Authority also maintains 501c3 status.
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