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Safe Sportfields For All


“Please let none who follow regret that you were here.”

In the interest of player safety, the high demand for safe sportfields and the high cost of sportfield repairs, CRPR has implemented a “Safe Sportfield Policy” for all sportfields owned or operated by the agency. Although field sports can be played in all sorts of weather conditions, the durability of both infield areas and turf is significantly diminished when play occurs on saturated playing surfaces. Soil and grass are pushed, compressed and displaced, which results in turf damage, new and recurring bare spots and an uneven field surface. This is especially true during the wet conditions of Spring and Fall, when playing can damage the turf and create hazardous conditions for future games.

Sample SignTherefore, Centre Region municipal sportfields may not be used if:

  • the soil is saturated or puddling with water, or
  • unsafe conditions are present, or
  • a notice is posted that the field is closed.

Common sense is valuable!  For example, if you leave footprints or if it feels like you’re walking on a sponge, please keep off the sportfield.

As provided in the Municipal Park Ordinances, groups and individuals disrespecting the policy will be held liable for damages and will be suspended from current and subsequent sportfield reservations and permits.

Approved by the Centre Region Parks & Recreation Authority Board on 24 March 2011

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