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2016 Sportfield Reservation Policies 

The purpose of this Sportfield Reservation Policy, originally implemented in 2008, is to:

  1. effectively manage the high demand for safe, public sportfield uses, and
  2. to recover some of the costs associated with quality sportfield maintenance across the Centre Region.

This process operates (like the Pavilion Reservation Policy) to reserve a specific sportfield at the sites listed above:

  • All sportfield uses must be in compliance with the CRPR Safe Sportfield Policy, especially in regard to weather-related cancellations.
  • The Sportfield Reservation Permit applicant must be a resident of a participating municipality.
  • Each requesting organization must furnish in advance the required insurance certificates and waivers.
  • Sportfield requests from State College Area School District-sponsored groups are handled per the School District Events section of the Fee Policy.
  • The agency strives to accommodate weather-related cancellations and permits for makeups.
  • Per municipal ordinances, the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on park properties is prohibited.
  • The Sportfield Reservation process may be refined or revised by the CRPR Board as necessary.
  • On a Per-Event basis, the CRPR Director is authorized to adjust the provisions of this policy to accommodate special situations.

Reservation Request Schedule

This reservation system only applies to sportfields available during the seasonable months. All recreation-related requests must be submitted to CRPR in writing by a specific date prior to their “season”:

  • WINTER (Jan-Mar):                          (Not applicable for sportfield uses)
  • SPRING/SUMMER (Apr-Aug):            March 1 application deadline
  • FALL (Sept-Nov):                             August 1 application deadline
  • 2016 TOURNAMENTS:                  Jan. 4, 2016 application deadline

The field reservation system includes only “regional-use” sportfields (not “neighborhood” fields).  To assist leagues and community groups with requesting permits for uses, please complete and submit this SPORTFIELD REQUEST FORM (PDF).  The schedule does not apply to permits issued for tournaments, since additional lead time is required for proper event planning. The Tournament Reservation Procedure is currently being updated to accommodate the increased requests for the Hess Complex.  The sportfield reservation system includes only “regional-use” sportfields (not “neighborhood” sportfields):

Centre Region
Parks & Rec. Authority
John Hess Softball Complex 4 softball fields (all skinned infields, 1 lighted).
Special conditions apply to accommodate scheduled leagues and tournaments.
Oak Hall Regional Park

4 adult softball fields (all skinned). Special conditions apply to accommodate scheduled leagues and tournaments. This new park opened in May 2015.

College Township Fogleman Field Complex 3 soccer/lacrosse fields
Houserville Elem. Sportfields (Leased from SCASD) 1 softball field (skinned infield)
Spring Creek Park

2 softball fields (skinned infields)
1 baseball field
Overlapping football/soccer/lacrosse fields

Ferguson Township Autumnwood Park 2 soccer fields
FT Elem. School Sportfields
(Leased from SCASD)
2 youth softball fields with 1 overlapping soccer field
Fairbrook Park 1 youth softball field (skinned) with 2 overlapping football/soccer/lacrosse fields
Haymarket Park

1 youth softball field (skinned infield) with 1 overlapping football/soccer/lacrosse field

Homestead Park 1 youth ballfield w/ seasonal soccer field
Suburban Park 1 youth ballfield (skinned infield)
Tom Tudek Memorial Park 1 youth softball field w/overlapping football/soccer/lacrosse field (near Pavilion #1). The youth softball field backstop, fencing and player benches will be removed during 2016.
1 softball w/overlapping football/soccer/lacrosse field
Louis E. Silvi Baseball
Complex / S & A Field
This facility is not operated by CRPR.  Rental info is available HERE or contact Mr. David G. Pribulka, Asst. Twp. Manager, Ferguson Township (814) 238-4651
Harris Township Blue Spring Park 2 youth ballfields (one w/skinned infield) with 2 seasonal soccer fields
Fasick Park 1 youth ballfield (skinned infield) with seasonal soccer field
Nittany View Park 1 youth ballfield with seasonal soccer field
Patton Township Circleville Park 1 youth baseball field (skinned infield)
1 football/soccer/lacrosse field
1 adult softball field (skinned)
Graysdale Park 1 youth ballfield (skinned infield) w/seasonal soccer field
Oakwood Park 1 youth ballfield (skinned infield) w/seasonal soccer field
Woodycrest Park 1 softball field (skinned infield) w/seasonal soccer field
State College Borough Highpoint Park 1 youth ballfield (skinned infield) with seasonal (overlapping) soccer field
Orchard Park 1 softball field (skinned) with overlapping football/soccer/lacrosse field
1 youth ballfield
Sunset Park 1 youth softball field (skinned infield)
Radio Park Elem. Sportfields (Leased from SCASD)

2 youth softball fields (skinned)
Overlapping soccer / lacrosse field

All other sportfield sites are available for site-appropriate use and permits at no charge, pending a review by CRPR staff of the activities and schedule proposed by the group.


Sportfield reservations are exempt from the Permit Revision Fee. 
All permits require the organizing group to provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance to the CRPR Authority that
lists the CRPR Authority as an "Additional Insured" party, in advance of issuing the permit, .

A.        Daily Sportfield Reservations

Groups looking to reserve a sportfield, with or without a pavilion reservation, are subject to a Sportfield Reservation Fee of $20 per field for up to 3 hours (in addition to the Pavilion Reservation Fee and the Large Group Event Fee). If needed, additional 3-hour time blocks may be reserved at $20 per field, due at time of reservation. The CRPR Safe Sportfield Policy applies to all sportfield uses. Sportfield reservations are exempt from the Permit Revision Fee. Sportfield lining is not provided by CRPR for these events.

B.        Seasonal Sportfield Reservations

If a group wishes to reserve one or more fields for an entire “sport season" (3 month maximum), the 2015 Reservation Fees are:

Softball/Baseball Fields

$250 per field per sport-season for Resident Groups
$375 per field per sport-season for Nonresident Groups

Soccer/Lacrosse/Football Fields*

$300 per field per sport-season for Resident Groups
$450 per field per sport-season for Nonresident Groups

Resident groups are those with an organizational address within the 5 participating municipalities or with at least 50% of the participants who are residents of those municipalities and are verified by a complete roster.

* The Seasonal Use Fee includes an initial lining on soccer, lacrosse and football fields. This initial lining ensures that fields are located in a safe and approved area.  Lining of softball and baseball fields is not provided for seasonal reservations, except for league games organized and operated by CRPR.  For routine lining services, group leaders should also note the Sportfield Lining Fee outlined below.

C.        Tournaments

         Tournament Reservation Permit Fee

  • A Tournament Reservation Permit Fee of $110 per field per day for the Hess Softball Complex and Oak Hall Regional Park sites and $175 per field per day for each satellite tournament field (any sportfield outside of the Hess or Oak Hall complexes) is required for 1-3 day tournaments. This fee includes field-lining services by CRPR. (Similar fees also apply for soccer and other tournaments involving Fogleman Field Complex and/or other areas, depending upon the specific arrangements required for each tournament as determined by CRPR staff.)
  • For multiple-day events, a minimum Tournament Reservation Permit Fee of $440 must be paid-in-full at least 30 days prior to each tournament.
  • Any outstanding balance of the Tournament Reservation Permit Fee must be paid-in-full by noon on the first day of the tournament.
  • A refund of Tournament Reservation Permit Fees is provided only if a tournament is cancelled 10 or more business days before the scheduled event.

         Annual Tournament Services Fee

  • Organizations hosting two or more multi-day tournaments per year are subject to a non-refundable $400 Annual Tournament Services Fee with their Tournament Reservation Request. This fee provides the materials and labor to provide safe, playable sportfields during the season (except following extreme weather events).

        Other Policies

  • If weather conditions prohibit or delay tournament play, CRPR will schedule facilities for make-up games at no additional charge; those facilities will be provided pending available dates for the requested sportfields.
  • Tournament Organizers are responsible for reimbursing CRPR for any extra repair and clean-up costs associated with their tournament (non-weather related); the additional fees will be invoiced net 30 days, but must be paid-in-full before the next scheduled tournament.


Sportfield Lining Fees

The Sportfield Lining Program allows CRPR staff to accept requests from resident organizations for scheduled sportfield lining services for a fee of $85 per layout per week (fee may vary pending field size and type). For example, if 3 fields are laid out and painted upon one “regular field area,” the lining fee will be for 3 field layouts. Pending the labor required and staff availability, the Parks Manager will approve, on a first-come first-serve basis, qualified requests to layout and paint lines for the specified sportfields.  Note that the 1st lining for a Seasonal Sportfield Permit is included with that permit fee.

Sportfield Lighting Fee - Hess Softball Field Complex

Use of the lights on Hess Field #H1 is provided for scheduled tournaments as part of the Tournament Fee. Requests by groups using the field for other uses are accepted at a rate of $40 per hour (full-hour increments only) in addition to the standard sportfield reservation fee. Field lights must be turned off by 10 PM, unless prior approval is granted by the Agency Director or his designee.

Portable Outfield Fences (for softball games requiring shorter outfields)

The Portable Fence Fee provides for the use, set-up and removal of portable outfield fencing at John Hess Softball Complex and Oak Hall Regional Park. The fee is $50 per field for “one set-up and one removal” (multi-day tournaments are not charged for multiple days). Groups must request and pay for the portable fencing at least two weeks in advance

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