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Wedding Events at
Millbrook Marsh Nature Center
Hosting indoor and outdoor wedding events!

Permit Required: This category applies to all weddings, vow renewals, civil unions and related reception events. Renters may select a base package (outdoor areas or indoor spaces at the Nature Center), and then customize the package with add-on options to meet their needs.  

The Base Packages include:

  • Indoor Package = $575 for Barn or Spring Creek Education Building for a one-day, 8-hour continuous rental of indoor spaces (between the hours of 9 AM and 11 PM)
  • Outdoor Package = $475 for outdoor areas for a one-day, 8-hour continuous rental of outdoor spaces (between the hours of 9 AM and dusk).
  • Platinum Package = $975
    • Option #1 – Use of both indoor facilities:  Barn and Spring Creek Education Building
    • Option #2 – Use of one indoor facility (Barn OR Spring Creek Education Building) and Ground
  1. Up to 3 pre-event walk-throughs with staff after booking.
  2. Use of natural areas for the scheduled engagement, save-the-date photos and for wedding photos.
  3. Use of restroom facilities in the Spring Creek Education Building during the event.
Add-on Rental Options:  

Friday evening:
4 hour rental of the Barn for rehearsal, rehearsal dinner or wedding decoration/set-up.



Friday evening:
4 hour rental of upper floor of Spring Creek Educ. Bldg. with kitchenette for rehearsal, rehearsal dinner or wedding decoration/set-up.



4 hour continuous rental of the Spring Creek Educ. Bldg. with kitchenette for Bride and Groom dressing/ ready/ photo areas.



4 hour rental of upper floor of Spring Creek Educ. Bldg. with kitchenette on Sunday morning for farewell brunch



Additional meetings with staff @ $25 / hour (in addition to the 3 provided in the Base Package).



Picnic Pavilion:
4 hour rental of the picnic pavilion added with a Friday night, Saturday or Sunday option.



Show Wagon Rental: unavailable at this time due to repairs.



Holiday Rental:
$200 additional for holiday or holiday eve event rentals to include New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.



Alcohol Permit Available:
New for 2017 is a new alcohol permit for third-party rentals. More information on this policy will be posted soon.


The Base Package and rental options must be selected as part of the wedding package at the time the reservation is made. Add-ons selected after the initial reservation is made will include the Permit Revision Fee and must be paid with the remaining balance no less than 30 days prior to the reservation.

Payments:  25% of the total Wedding Package/Rental Fees with options is due at the time the reservation is made. This amount is not eligible for refund or credit. Reservations may be scheduled up to 18 months in advance, subject to the rental fees in place on the event date. The remaining 75% is due in full no less than 30 days prior to the event date. Failure to pay the fees in full during that period will result in cancellation of the reservation. Payments can be accepted anytime between the initial payment at the time the reservation is made and the 30-day-prior cut off.

Cancellation Policies

  • Any cancellation 30 or more calendar days prior to the reserved date will result in forfeiting the 25% initial payment. Any further payments obligations are waived.
  • Any cancellation less than 30 calendar days prior to the reserved date and after full payment has been made, is eligible for a 50% refund of the total reservation fee paid, UNLESS it is within 7 calendar days of the event, in which case no refund or credit can be provided.
  • In case of hardship such as a death in the bride's/groom’s immediate families or a military deployment that affects the wedding, if notice is given to CRPR less than 30 days prior, a 50% refund will be given, even within the final 7-day window.
  • Refunds will be issued solely to the original payer, either by posting to the credit card that was used for payment or by a paper refund check to that individual. Checks may take up to 3 weeks to process.

Permit Revision Fee: Once a reservation is made with CRPR (with the 25% initial payment), any revisions to that reservation will require the payment of a Permit Revision Fee ($20) at the time the revision. The Revision Fee is not eligible for refund, transfer or credit. Reservation revisions cannot be accepted less than 7 calendar days prior to the reserved event.

Inclement Weather Policy: If inclement weather prohibits the scheduled outdoor event(s), coordination must be made with Nature Center staff immediately. If possible, outdoor plans will be moved inside (if available) to accommodate the event. If renter decides to cancel the event based on the actual weather the day of the rental (not the forecast), an attempt will be made to reschedule the group at no additional charge during the current season, pending availability. If the rental schedules cannot accommodate a rescheduled date, a 50% refund or credit will be provided. No rescheduling provisions can be made for indoor packages.

Additional Policies

  • All municipal park ordinances remain in effect.
  • To protect the environment, throwing rice or releasing any type of wildlife (butterflies, doves, etc.) or lighted lanterns is prohibited. Soap bubbles or birdseed may be used outdoors only. Confetti is permitted indoors only but must be cleaned up entirely. Balloon releases are strongly discouraged since the waste balloons can be harmful to wildlife where they land.
  • No sparklers, fireworks, pyrotechnic devices or open flames are permitted.
  • Reservation times and fees are calculated upon total rental times, including any setup and cleanup times.
  • The renter is responsible to assure that music or any amplified output is not audible beyond the boundaries of the park at any time.
  • The primary renter must provide a credit card authorization at the time of reservation. All applicable vandalism, damage, missing equipment or extra janitorial services required after a rental will be billed to the customer on this credit card. Any damages following a rental will be repaired and the party signing the rental agreement will be assessed the cost of the rental plus a 25% surcharge to cover staff time in arranging to have the damages repaired. If the kitchenette in the Spring Creek Education Building is not returned to a clean condition and extra cleaning is required, a $35 fee will be charged.
  • Caterer(s) engaged by the Renter must provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance in advance of the event that (1) provides coverage of least $1 million and that (2) includes Centre Region Parks & Recreation Authority and the Pennsylvania State University as additional insured.
  • With respect to food safety, all food service practices must follow ServSafe ® protocols.
  • Renters are required to sign a liability waiver to assume responsibility for the behavior and welfare of their guests.

For more info please contact the nature center at (814) 235-7819

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