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MMNC Volunteer Opportunities

The mission of the Millbrook Marsh Nature Center is to educate and inspire people about the natural world,
and to instill a passion for the environment through science, history, culture and art.”

Millbrook Marsh Nature Center is looking for reliable volunteers to assist with programs and activities at the nature center (at 548 Puddintown Road, College Township). Volunteer responsibilities could include:
        Leading nature walks.
        Organizing nature-related outdoor games.
        Leading aquatic stream studies.
        Leading children’s birthday parties.
        Assisting in the preparation and planning of school and family events.
        Organizing and leading Marsh Monday activities for small children.
        Helping to set up and clean up from group activities.
        Assisting with nature center maintenance and up-keep (including invasive species removal).
        Leading nature activities during the various summer camps.
        Helping to organize and participate in community clean-up days.
        Helping to recruit other volunteers.
        Organizing activities with the Friends of Millbrook Marsh Nature Center
        Assisting with nature center operations (publicity, brochure design, advertising, newsletter production, office work, etc.)
        Constructing interpretive displays and developing educational materials, as needed.

If you have a special talent or area of expertise that you think would benefit the nature center, please contact us! Volunteer contributions are very important to the success of our programs. For more information or for a volunteer application, contact Centre Region Parks and Recreation at 231-3071.

Let us add your name to the volunteer email list to receive our monthly update, including volunteer needs and dates, and decide how much you can help based on your schedule! Great experiences are waiting for you at Millbrook Marsh Nature Center! (Training will be provided as needed).

Please note: Per the CRPR Child Safety Policy, volunteers assisting with CRPR-operated events that involve direct service to youth under 18 and that are held more than one day per year are required to obtain Proof of Criminal Background Check by the PA State Police (or the FBI for out-of-state residents) and Proof of Child Abuse Clearances from the PA Department of Public Welfare. The agency must then perform a national Criminal Background Check prior to any volunteer service. Certificates must be presented to and approved by CRPR before volunteering with the agency. Applications are available at the CRPR office or online. Volunteers may be eligible for reimbursement of application fees for these clearances. Click here to view the CRPR Child Safety Policy.

For more information about volunteering at Millbrook Marsh Nature Center, contact Nature Center Supervisor Melissa Freed (814)231-3071.
The volunteer application is available HERE and at the CRPR office at 2643 Gateway Drive #1, State College, PA 16801.

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